WATCH: Here’s Why Couples Who Train Martial Arts Together, Stay Together!

Studies show that having something in common with your partner is the answer to any successful relationship. Luckily for Jerome and Nicole Lee-Bernasconi, their newfound love for martial arts was the key to taking their marriage to the next level and a new way for them to get into the best shape of their lives.

Everyone knows that working in the banking industry could take a huge toll on your stress levels. The intensity and long working hours undoubtedly affects one’s daily life, not leaving much time for rest or relaxation. Finding an outlet definitely becomes a priority, which is exactly what 35 and 29 year-old husband and wife Jerome and Nicole were set out to do.


Although Jerome and Nicole are avid travelers, they felt a void in their life that martial arts eventually filled. “I was doing personal training at a regular gym for 3 and a half years,” explained Jerome. “I wasn’t seeing any progress so I decided to do something different.”

After much prodding from his friend and colleague, Michael, Jerome decided to give martial arts at Evolve MMA a chance. “I decided, why not. Evolve has great facilities, is only a 5-10 minute walk from my office and has one of the most comprehensive schedules I’ve ever seen,” said Jerome. Six months later, Jerome became one of Evolve’s most active students, training Muay Thai, WarriorFit, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on a regular basis. Eventually, he would convince his wife, Nicole to join as well.


“I had my first trial class with Kru Orono Wor Petchpun,” Nicole explained. “And then I decided to do an actual class – I thought I was going to die!” Doing martial arts was something completely alien to Nicole, who had always been active but had never found that one perfect activity that suited her.


Today, Jerome and Nicole are one of Evolve MMA’s most dedicated students – a far cry from Nicole’s days as a beginner. “When I first started Muay Thai, I couldn’t skip rope at all – I looked like a duck!” Nicole shares. Jerome, on the other hand has found his niche in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has been attending the purple classes. He has also received the 4th stripe on his white belt. Nicole has achieved Level 2 in both boxing and Muay Thai.

“This is the fittest I’ve ever been,” reveals Jerome. “I think it’s a perfect combination of training and eating better.” Because of his new lifestyle, Jerome claims that he’s improved his stamina by leaps and bounds. Nicole feels a lot stronger too. “Before I hated doing push-ups, but now I can do 20-30 easily,” she says.


The changes that Jerome and Nicole have seen in their lives since trying out martial arts are nothing short of amazing. “Evolve and martial arts have changed my life because it helps me strike a balance between work and personal life,” says Nicole. “I’m more alert in the office and I’ve developed a new found love for boxing.” Jerome agrees. “Martial arts has helped me cope better with the daily stress in my professional life — all my problems go away once I step on the mats,” claims Jerome.

The Evolve Family would like to extend Jerome and Nicole sincere congratulations on their well-deserved Student Of The Month honors. We believe they have what it takes to become successful in martial arts, and we look forward to seeing them continue their journey at Evolve MMA.

Here’s what their instructors have to say about them:

Jerome is a very special student. Even if he’s allowed to train in the advanced class, he still attends the fundamentals class, which shows that he’s willing to learn. He’s improved a lot and he’s a great student to have around. He’s always smiling! Congratulations on your performance in class, Jerome. You’re a great student, on and off the mats!”

– Bruno Pucci, BJJ World Champion and ONE Superstar


Nicole is a nice and friendly student. She always trains Muay Thai and boxing and she’s been improving in every class. I hope she’ll train and improve more. I’m very happy and proud of her achievements. Congratulations, Nicole!”

Chaowalith Jockey Gym, Muay Thai World Champion


There’s no doubt that martial arts can do wonders for a marriage. “It’s great to be able to share this passion with my wife,” Jerome shares. “It’s definitely strengthened our relationship.”

Jerome and Nicole are proof that being able to share such a wonderful life-changing experience such as martial arts has brought them closer together. Perhaps their story could serve as an example for other couples looking for ways to find a common bond with their significant other.

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