WATCH: Here’s How You Can Take Your Push Kicks To The Next Level (Videos)

During the early stages of your Muay Thai journey, you’ll learn how to execute a push kick, or teep. Although it might seem like a basic technique that is relatively easy to understand, don’t be fooled! There’s more to the push kick than meets the eye – in fact, it has the power to potentially knockout your opponent.

“You can throw push kicks at various levels… So you can aim for your opponent’s stomach, chest, throat, knee, thigh, or face,” reveals multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Orono Wor Petchpun. “If you decide to throw a knockout push kick to the face, remember to strike with the ball of your foot and toes rather than your entire foot, to achieve maximum impact.”

Ready to take your push kicks to the next level? Today, Evolve Daily shares Push Kick Combinations That Will Up Your Muay Thai Game:

1) 3 Basic Types Of Muay Thai Push Kicks

You can develop your push kick’s technique, power and timing by regularly training with the heavy bag. One way to do this is to stand about an arm’s length away from the bag, and push kick the bag away with either foot. As the bag swings back towards you, push kick it again with your other foot. By repeating this, you’ll be able to work on your rhythm and technique. Over time, you’ll find that you’ve established a rhythm and are more relaxed while hitting the bag. Hence, you’ll be able to go harder and faster.

In this video, you’ll learn 3 types of teeps: the push kick, side push kick, and switch high push kick – as demonstrated by WMC World Champion Yodteera Sityodtong. These 3 push kick variations can be utilized when sparring, or drilling on the bag.

Tip: When you start practicing your push kicks with the heavy bag, focus on your technique and rhythm rather than speed and power. It helps to exhale with every strike and stay relaxed. Once your technique is on point, speed and power will naturally follow – so practice hard!


2) 5 Essential Muay Thai Push Kick Combinations

Distance control, or getting in and out of range, is important for fighters as it’s a way to control the fight. The push kick helps to create distance between you and your opponent, when sparring or in the ring. This is because it works like the jab, but with a longer effective range. So the next time you’re sparring and want to break your opponent’s momentum and keep him or her away, you might want to throw a push kick.

In this video, WMC World Champion Yodteera Sityodtong shows 5 essential Muay Thai push kick combinations. Notice how he extends his kicking leg out all the way, and generates explosive power by swinging his arm (on the kicking leg side) down as well as thrusting his hips and pivoting his foot slightly.

Tip: Unless you’re setting up another strike, make it a habit to return your foot to its original position after executing your kicks. This is an extension of controlling your kick, as you’ll land in a position where you can strike again, or focus on your defense and balance.


There’s no doubt that the push kick is an important strike in Muay Thai that practitioners of all levels should master. So make it a point to train hard and take your push kicks to the next level. Go on, you got this!


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