WATCH: Hit The Right KO Spots Whenever You’re In The Ring (Videos)

We’ve shown you some awesome knockout combinations here and here, and you’ve probably been drilling these combinations on the heavy bag or with a partner. But maybe you aren’t too sure where exactly you should aim for to get that instant KO shot you’ve been wanting to land. Well, the good news is that Evolve Daily has located some vital KO spots to aim for so you can deliver that knockout strike the next time you’re in the ring!

The head is a usually a key place you’ll aim for when you’re attempting to knock your opponent out. This is because it contains several crucial points that can score you that elusive knockout shot – as the above video reveals. Read on to learn more about the Key Targets For A Quick Knockout:

1) Chin

The chin is one of the three vital knockout points at the facial area to aim for. And the best way to reach the chin is by executing uppercuts. This is because the uppercut is not as easy for your opponent to block (when compared to the jab or cross), due to the fact that uppercuts are below your opponent’s field of vision. As a result, you have a better chance of hitting your target and scoring that knockout.

Tip: Power is an essential element of every knockout punch. However, you wouldn’t be able to effectively pull off a KO strike if your technique isn’t on point. So always ensure that you’re drilling with the right technique by constantly checking your form or getting your instructor to take a look for you, if you’re unsure.

You might also want to find out how you can achieve explosive knockout power with our article on how to double your punching power.


2) Jaw

When the jaw takes a hit, it causes the head to spin around suddenly and could leave the recipient unconscious. The sides of your jaw are vulnerable when left exposed (you’ll get what we mean when you watch the fight breakdown video!) That’s why it’s always important to keep your guard up and protect your face. An effective way to reach this vital KO spot is to throw elbow strikes, or hooks – depending on your range.

Tip: It is important to always keep calm and look for holes in your opponent’s defense, or openings, like what happened in the video. The more relaxed you are when throwing strikes, the faster you’d be able to execute them. Of course, accuracy also plays a major role, so make it a point to work on your timing and accuracy when training.


3) Behind the ear / temple

The head kick is one of the most exciting finishes in not just Muay Thai, but MMA as well. Whether it’s a roundhouse, front, or spinning kick; this strike often shows up in highlight reels – especially when executed with flawless technique and accuracy. Of course, flexibility is required in order to deliver a perfect KO head kick. When executed perfectly and accurately at the right timing, the head kick could land on 2 great KO spots: slightly behind the ear, or the temple. Psst! These spots can really disturb your opponent’s equilibrium, and as a result, knock him or her out.

Tip: Confuse your opponent with some fakes so that he or she would be caught off-guard and have less time to react to your KO head kick! To learn more about fakes, read our article here.


4) Liver

Apart from the facial area, the liver is a good target to aim for if you want to get that knockout shot. When you deliver a liver shot with perfect technique, you can cause significant damage to your opponent. This is because it can be extremely debilitating to take a hit at the liver. Besides feeling the pain instantly, it would be hard to breathe and the body would go into shutdown mode – despite your mind’s will to fight.

Tip: For effective body shots, you have to be able to crouch down over and over again, without losing any leg strength. So condition your legs! For starters, running is a great way to build your leg muscles while boosting your stamina and endurance. Besides that, you can read our article about essential strength training tips to find out how else you can condition your body.


All of us at Evolve Daily know that you’ve got what it takes to deliver that KO shot the next time you step in the ring. So remember these crucial points, and of course, train hard! Go on, you got this!

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