WATCH: How To Take Your Ground And Pound To The Next Level (Videos)

In the recent years, more and more fighters have been incorporating ground and pound (GNP) into their repertoire. It is the one striking style that defines MMA, combining elements of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, and boxing, while immobilizing the person on the bottom.

Being a well-rounded fighter in the art of MMA is certainly a must, especially if you want to fight in the cage someday. Excelling in one discipline just won’t cut it, especially if you’re faced with a good opponent. Before you know it, he would have exposed your weakness, attacked, and ended the fight in victory. Thus, it is necessary to work on the disciplines and techniques that are needed to become a complete MMA fighter.

Are you interested in improving your ground and pound techniques? Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 Ways To Take Your Ground And Pound To The Next Level:

1) Control the leg

When you take your opponent down, he will usually try to scramble and stand up or catch you in his guard. Thus, it is important to assume control first before landing strikes. In this video, ONE Superstar Jake Butler grabs ahold of BJJ Black Belt Tatsuya Mizuno with a body lock, slamming him down onto the canvas. Watch as Jake controls Mizuno by hooking his leg and putting pressure on Mizuno before landing devastating strikes to Mizuno’s body.


2) Create space in the guard

So you’ve successfully taken your opponent down to the ground. But what happens when you’re trapped in his guard? In this video, UFC fighter Tyron Woodley shows how to ground and pound inside the closed guard. In order to land strikes, Tyron first creates space by framing with his forearms inside the closed guard. After framing, he pivots his hips just like he would on his feet and uses this momentum to strike.


3) Use the momentum of the takedown to land a punch

When you’ve landed a perfect takedown and are able to control the leg, you can use the momentum from the takedown to land a punch. In this video, ONE Superstar Jake Butler demonstrates the outside single leg takedown to ground and pound. After changing levels and shooting for the single leg, Jake maintains his grip on the leg and runs the pipe to take his opponent down. Watch how he continues to control the leg, making it difficult for his opponent to recover. Jake then uses the momentum of his single leg takedown to transition to land a devastating punch.


4) Control the head

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, controlling your opponent’s hips and head will negate any chance of him recovering his guard and submitting you. The same goes for MMA. Controlling at least one of these two areas undoubtedly guarantees your dominance over your opponent, as you can see in this match between ONE Superstar Amir Khan and John Chang. Although John Chang is able to recover his guard and attempt a heel hook after being taken down by Amir, Amir is able to defend and get back on top, securing head and arm control. From this position, he is able to land strikes and transition to full mount. Notice how Amir continues controlling Chang’s head, even as he moves to a more dominant position to strike.


5) Combine GNP with submissions

What happens when you’ve stabilized your position, throwing heavy strikes but you’re still unable to finish your opponent? If you’re stable enough, you can transition to a submission. While you’re trying to improve your position, your opponent will most likely try to escape. Doing so could possibly give you the space for a submission. In this video, ONE Superstar Christian Lee takes down his opponent, Mahmoud Mohammed. Christian quickly transitions to the north south position, lands some elbows and punches, stands up and finishes Mohammed with a kimura.


To add these techniques to your repertoire, make it a habit to drill them consistently with a partner. Perform these without resistance first, and watch and observe your partner’s reaction before you decide which technique to use.

So tell us, which of these techniques will you try first?


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