WATCH: How To Takedown Your Opponent Every Single Time (Videos)

In MMA, there’s no doubt that a strong wrestling background is an advantage in the cage. Both UFC Light Heavyweight World Champion Daniel Cormier and ONE Welterweight World Champion Ben Askren were former Olympic wrestlers and at the top of their weight classes in their respective organizations. If you’ve ever watched either fighter in the cage, you’ll understand how their high level wrestling helps them dominate each of their fights.

In this video, notice how UFC Light Heayweight World Champion Daniel Cormier seems to take down his opponents at will. Coupled with unrivaled technical knowledge, Cormier uses explosive strength and great timing against his opponents, making him a huge threat to anyone who decides to face him in the cage.

Good wrestling equals good takedowns, giving you the upper hand in a fight and the chance to smother your opponent with some good old ground and pound. Since not all of us have been gifted with an Olympic wrestling background, learning how to improve our takedowns could prove to be tricky.

If you’ve been looking to improve your takedowns, you’re in luck! Today, Evolve Daily shares 3 Ways To Takedown Your Opponent Every Single Time:

1) Set up your takedown

As with any martial art, setting up your move is vital, especially in a competitive setting. If you shoot without setting up, the chances of you scoring a takedown are very slim. By predicting how your opponent will react, you can coerce him to fall for your takedown.

In this video, ONE Superstar Mark Streigl sets up his takedowns with some striking combinations. Striking is a great way to catch your opponent off-guard. As you exchange strikes, a takedown will be the last thing he will expect.


2) Stay in a good position

In order to secure a takedown, Evolve Fight Team Head Coach and US Olympian Heath Sims says that you must stay in a good position in shot to give you options to finish. To successfully shoot in, you must be within an arm’s reach of your opponent. The further away you are, the easier it will be for him to figure out a counter,

In this video, ONE Superstar Jake Butler shows a single leg takedown to ground and pound. Notice how Jake uses strikes to measure the distance between himself and his opponent before shooting in for the takedown.


3) Link your attacks  

According to Heath, learning how to chain wrestle is a must. Doing so ensures that you’re ready to attack with your second and third move after a counter attack from your opponent. In MMA, the likelihood of your first takedown working is quite rare. After all, an experienced fighter will most likely be able to anticipate your attack and has all the counters planned out even before you touch gloves.

In this video, ONE Welterweight World Champion Ben Askren demonstrates the over under inside trip to double leg. In this video, Ben shows how to finish with a takedown after his opponent counters his first move. As he switches levels to go for the inside trip, his opponent counters by stepping out, moving his leg away to avoid the takedown. However, this puts Ben in a perfect position to execute the double leg takedown and go for the finish.


There’s no doubt that finally landing a takedown is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. With sufficient drilling time and practice, we’re sure that you can eventually score some takedowns on your own. So go forth and train!

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