WATCH: Knock Your Opponent Out With These Essential Head Kick Combinations (Videos)

The head kick is as powerful as it is highlight reel worthy. Talk to any Muay Thai practitioner and you’ll find out that the head kick is one of the most exciting ways to finish a fight. However, it’s not an easy strike to execute. This is because it requires a perfect blend of technique, timing, accuracy and speed in order to be effective. With that said, it is not impossible to master the head kick and someday utilize it in the ring.

Are you ready to take your Muay Thai to the next level? Today, Evolve Daily shares Essential Head Kick Combinations That Will Knock Your Opponent Out:

1) 3 Basic Head Kick KO Combinations

When it comes to executing a head kick, you have to ensure that you set it up well, for maximum impact. So don’t be afraid to try different combinations and change things up every now and then. After all, you should strive to be an unpredictable fighter so that your opponent would have a harder time figuring out your next move.

In this video, multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Penek Sitnumnoi demonstrates 3 basic head kick KO combinations which you can drill with a partner or the heavy bag. If you’re not sure how to set up the head kick, these combinations are a good starting point for you.

Tip: Drill these combinations until you can comfortably execute them with perfect technique, before experimenting with other setups.


2) Sam-A’s 4 Essential Head Kick Setups

Like the roundhouse kick, you also need to stay balanced when you’re throwing a head kick. So make sure you maintain an upright posture and swing your rear hand downwards, while twisting your hip and thrusting it forward as you kick. By doing so, you’ll then be able to transfer your body weight into the kick – and generate KO power.

In this video, multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Sam-A Gaiyanghadao shows 4 essential head kick setups. If you watch closely, you’ll notice that Sam-A’s technique is flawless, so work towards perfecting your form and executing your kicks the way he does. Besides that, Sam-A is able to effortlessly throw his head kicks as he exhales on impact and stays relaxed while kicking. By doing so, he is then able to stay light on his feet and move around easily.

Tip: After grasping the technique, you’d probably be wondering how to get more explosive kicks. Well, you can achieve this by running! Besides developing your leg muscles, you’d also be boosting your stamina. However, it is equally important to build your other muscle groups, so why not do so by including these strength training exercises in your workouts?


3) Sneaky Head Kick KO Setup Combination

As we mentioned earlier, it is crucial to set up your head kick properly so as to remain unpredictable in the ring. Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion and ONE Superstar Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke is a great example of an unpredictable fighter, as he constantly keeps his opponents on their toes. As a result, he is mostly able to land his intended strikes.

In this video, Dejdamrong demonstrates one of his favorite head kick KO setup combinations. He starts by executing a left kick to the inside of his opponent’s lead leg, which off-balances his opponent. After which, Dejdamrong throws a head kick to his opponent and then finishes off with a right cross.

Tip: Don’t go at 100% power or worry about being swift when drilling this combination. Remember, technique is always the most important, so work towards perfecting it and of course, be consistent with your training.


As with every other technique, ensure that you drill the high kick as often as you can so as to get it on point. It might be a challenging strike to execute, but trust us, it’s totally worth getting it right – because who knows, it might just get you that elusive knockout in the ring someday.

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