WATCH: Miesha Tate’s Most Exciting Submissions (Videos)

UFC Superstar Miesha Tate may have retired from MMA, but that doesn’t mean she’s leaving the martial arts world. In fact, she’s facing Jessica Eye on December 11 at Submission Underground in Portland. On top of grappling, she also intends to stay involved with MMA on a broadcasting level and has apparently been in touch with FOX.

According to an interview, Tate revealed that she’s pleased with her decision to move on from competing in MMA.

“It looks like something will come to fruition with FOX at some point so we’ll just see how that all unfolds,” she shares. “I think there’s going to be a lot of things that I have to look forward to but I’ve got to kind of sit down and talk to my management and see exactly what’s next.”

There’s no doubt that Tate has a solid ground game. After all, it was a flawlessly executed rear naked choke that scored her the UFC Women’s Bantamweight title in March this year. Ready to take a closer look at some of her submissions?

Today, Evolve Daily shares Miesha Tate’s 5 Most Exciting Submissions:

1) VS Holly Holm (UFC 196)

You’re probably not surprised that this submission made it to the top of this list. Well, as mentioned earlier, this rear naked choke was the submission which made Miesha Tate UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. In this intense match, Tate and Holm fought five rounds. At the point when Tate appeared to be on the losing end, she wrestled Holm down to the mat and choked her way to victory.


2) VS Marloes Coenen (Strikeforce: Fedor VS Henderson)

Prior to this fight, Marloes Coenen had never been submitted by any of her opponents. However, Tate changed that by getting Coenen in an arm-triangle choke. Despite her attempt to escape, Coenen found herself eventually tapping out. That night, Tate not only showed everyone that she’s a strong grappler, but also left with the Strikeforce title for bantamweight gold.


3) VS Zoila Frausto Gurgel (Strikeforce Challengers: Johnson VS Mae)

Like Coenen, Zoila Frausto Gurgel had also never been submitted (in her case, defeated) by anyone – until she faced Miesha Tate in the cage. In the first nine minutes, Tate was mostly in top control, and then she smoothly transitioned into an armbar which Gurgel couldn’t escape from. Eventually, Gurgel tapped and Tate clinched her first Strikeforce Challengers victory.


4) VS Lisbeth Carreiro (Freestyle Cage Fighting 30)

Even before fighting in the UFC, Tate showcased her impressive grappling in Freestyle Cage Fighting 30. During this fight against Lisbeth Carreiro, Tate took her opponent down and tried to wear her down with ground and pound as well as submission attempts. Tate was eventually able to dig her shoulder into Carreiro’s neck and apply pressure with her body weight, hence, trapping her in a Von Flue choke and causing her to tap.


5) VS Julie Kedzie (Strikeforce: Rousey VS Kaufmann)

Although Tate lost her Strikeforce title to Ronda Rousey before this fight, she didn’t let it break her spirit when she took on Julie Kedzie. The fight seemed to be going Kedzie’s way in the earlier part, as she was able to kick Tate in the head and knock her down twice. However, Tate soldiered on and was eventually able to execute an armbar in the third round, which gave her the win.


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