WATCH: The Overhand Punch – One Of The Best Ways To KO Your Opponent (Videos)

In boxing, if you’re up against a taller opponent or an aggressive opponent who constantly throws jabs, the overhand punch could be the best strike to have in your arsenal. Similar to the straight right punch, the overhand punch could be used to attack or as a counter:

As an attack: If you are facing a taller opponent, chances are, he/she won’t see your overhand punch coming. In fact, many taller boxers fail to see the overhand punch because they aren’t used to seeing punches come down at them. The angle at which the punch is executed also makes it difficult for them to see because it starts at an angle below the taller boxer’s head but lands from an angle above their head.

As a counter: After setting up with jabs, allow your opponent to anticipate your next move and aim for his body. As he lowers his guard to protect his body, you can throw the overhand punch. Also, if your opponent refuses to slip or bob, the overhand punch is a great counterpunch to use.

Curious to know more about the overhand punch? Today, Evolve Daily shares 3 Setups For The Overhand Punch:

How to throw the overhand punch: To throw the overhand punch, you must be at an angle from your opponent to be effective. Like all punches, you must ensure that it is difficult to telegraph yet angled enough to give you the torque and power you need to KO your opponent.

  • Stand out of your opponent’s line of sight to catch him off guard, preferably, the rear.
  • Throw the punch above your head and shoulder in a looping motion so that the punch moves downwards.
  • The minute your punch leaves your hips, your elbow should be arched at an angle. The further your opponent is from you, the higher the angle should be.


In this video, WBA Boxing World Champion and ONE Superstar Yodsanan Sityodtong shows 3 setups for the overhand punch. Notice how he bends his knees as the throws the overhead punch. Doing so helps you engage more power and maintain your balance. He also pivots his back foot to increase the punching power of his overhand, pivoting while throwing the punch at the same time.


In this video, watch how 5x Boxing World Champion Timothy Bradley devastated Brandon Rios with a series of punches, many of these being overhand rights. Although Rios is known to be a master of the overhand punch, he was certainly unable to showcase any of that in this fight, losing to Bradley in the 9th round via TKO.


As with all techniques, constant drilling is the key to making the overhand punch part of your arsenal. Shadowbox or practice on the heavy bag to work on your form and timing. The key to the overhand punch is foot positioning and setting it up with a jab. As always, remember not to load up your punch and lean too far to the outside of your lead foot. Stay balanced and keep on drilling! You got this!

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