You Won’t Believe What Happens To Your Body When You Start Training Martial Arts

Have you been thinking about training martial arts, but not sure if you should begin? Well, if that’s the case, then perhaps it’s time to stop thinking and start training. After all, you never really know what you’re missing out on until you try. If you’re in need of a confidence boost, then perhaps you would like to read on.

Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 Things That Happen To Your Body (And Self-Esteem) When You Start Training Martial Arts:

1) Your complexion will improve

ONE Superstar Amir Khan works on his grappling at the Evolve Fighters Program.

If you don’t already know, the secret to radiant, glowing skin lies in martial arts! This is because regular physical activity will help nourish your skin, by drawing toxins – including those that clog your pores – out of your body. Whenever you sweat, you’re expelling the trapped dirt, oil and toxins from your pores.

Apart from that, your body’s collagen production will increase, and this will keep the unwanted wrinkles away. When more blood reaches the surface of your skin, these collagen-rich nutrients can then repair the damage caused by the sun and environmental pollutants. Once you notice your skin getting more radiant, there’s no doubt your confidence will get a boost!


2) You will lose weight

You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a 60 minute Muay Thai training session.

Besides your skin, your body will also reap the benefits of your martial arts training. After all, you will be burning tons of calories in the gym. In just an hour of training, you can burn up to 1,000 calories! Hence, you will be able to melt away that pesky fat.

When you engage in physical activity for over half an hour, your body will favor fatty acids over glucose. As a result, it will then be able to consume fatty acids for fuel – so you can power through your workout! When you lose that unwanted weight and get closer to your dream body, there’s no doubt that you will be more comfortable in your own skin.


3) Your muscles will get toned

8x BJJ World Champion Michelle Nicolini is one of the most decorated martial artists to step into the ONE Championship cage.

Think about it: you will utilize various muscle groups during your martial arts training when you execute the different techniques. As a result, your body will then build lean muscle, and you will end up having a nice, toned physique.

The best part about having muscles is that your body will be able to burn even more calories at rest. Hence, your body will be ready for the beach all year round – and we’re pretty sure you won’t need those baggy cover-ups anymore.


4) You will get stronger

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is also known as “The Gentle Art”.

Martial arts will help your body to get stronger, from the inside out. After all, it is a full body workout that engages your various muscles (see #3!) However, you don’t only get stronger physically, but mentally as well. This is because you will be pushing and going beyond all kinds of limits, as well as stepping outside your comfort zone during your training.

Apart from that, did you know that martial arts can strengthen your immune system as well? This is because it boosts the detoxification process and improves your body’s ability to heal. Talk about getting stronger in more ways than one!


5) You will learn to embrace yourself

The Evolve MMA Little Samurai Program is lots of fun for the little ones.

Because martial arts is a never ending journey of learning and continuous self-improvement, you will understand that you’re a work-in-progress – and more importantly, that it’s okay to have flaws and weaknesses. This is because you can always work on turning them into strengths and becoming the best martial artist (and person) you can be.

As you make progress and watch yourself grow, your confidence will definitely skyrocket, and you will go on to unleash your potential and evolve into everything you want to be in life.


So tell us, are you ready to get into the best shape of your life?

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