The Mendes Brothers BJJ Seminar!

Multiple-time BJJ World Champions Rafael and Guilherme Mendes will be hosting a BJJ seminar on October 7 – 8 at Evolve Far East Square! Don’t miss the chance to learn from two of the greatest BJJ competitors of all time. Spots are limited, so grab your spot NOW!



More classes, bigger schedules!

Effective September 1, Evolve MMA will add more classes and expand class schedules. For your convenience, you will now have more options to train 7 days a week whenever you want under Asia’s greatest collection of World Champions!

Evolve Far East Square Schedule, effective Sep 1, please click here.

Evolve Orchard Central Schedule, effective Sep 1, please click here.

Evolve PoMo Mall Schedule, effective Sep 1, please click here.



Cryo Fit Is Open!

Cryo Fit, Asia’s premier cryotherapy recovery center, has opened at Evolve Far East Square. Utilizing the world’s most advanced cryosauna, Cryo Fit’s scientifically backed treatment and recovery solutions are used by Asia’s top professional athletes to optimize their physical performance.

Cryo Fit’s comprehensive multi-layer treatment and recovery approach combines several state-of-the-art modalities to enhance and maximize results.

Cryo Fit’s Whole Body Cryotherapy uses the industry’s premier cryosauna to treat the body using temperatures as low as -150°C. The sub-zero temperatures trigger the body’s systemic response, clearing toxins from the blood and spreading nutrients, enzymes, and oxygenated blood throughout the body to help decrease inflammation, boost recovery, and ignite athletic performance.

Book your session now! Call 6443 2464 or email