G-MAX and GX-5

G-MAX and GX-5

9 Feb 2015 - 31 Dec 2015

The G-MAX Reverse Bungy – Be launched skywards to a dazzling height of 60 meters at 200 kph, experiencing G Forces similar to those experienced by astronauts, all in the 100% safety of the latest G-MAX technology!

The GX-5 Extreme Swing – Anticipation & adrenalin building, be winched up to 40 meters then released, dropping & slicing through the sky, arcing up and over the Singapore River at over 100kph swinging in a giant pendulum action!

Evolve Member Privilege

  • $35 per ride; $50 for both rides


  • Privilege is available upon presentation of Evolve membership tag during payment
  • Min height and age limits applicable