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Instructor Profile

Chatri is an Instructor at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore. Inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame in 2019, he has over 35 years of martial arts experience as a student, a fighter, a teacher, and a coach. Chatri grew up in Thailand and began his training in Muay Thai at the world-renowned Sityodtong Gym as a young boy. A long-time student of Kru Yodtong Senanan, he has fought professionally in Thailand for the Sityodtong Gym.

Over his martial arts career, Chatri has helped to coach, train, and/or corner professional athletes such as Rafael dos Anjos, Shinya Aoki, Rich Franklin, Leandro Issa, and many others. Chatri’s favorite techniques are the low roundhouse leg kick, the flying knee, and the uppercut. Chatri possesses knock out power in his arsenal.

Chatri is a certified senior Muay Thai instructor under the legendary Kru Yodtong Senanan of the world-renowned Sityodtong Gym in Thailand. He is also a certified Muay Thai instructor by the World Muay Thai Council (WMC). Chatri also holds a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Master Renzo Gracie. He is certified in both CPR and AED training.

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Quick facts on Chatri Sityodtong

  • In the Thai language, his first name (Chatri) means warrior.
  • He started Muay Thai as a kid in Thailand at Sityodtong Gym after he watched fights at Lumpinee Stadium on TV.
  • Chatri’s first teacher more than 35 years ago is current Evolve instructor, Daorung “Papa” Sityodtong.
  • Kru Yodtong Senanan (Founder of Sityodtong Gym), eventually gave Chatri the ring name Yodchatri Sityodtong.
  • Chatri’s success as an entrepreneur brought his family out of poverty after his parents lost everything years earlier.
  • Chatri earned his MBA at Harvard Business School while living on approximately $4 a day.