Muay Thai

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the most powerful and effective martial arts in the world. Muay Thai is an ancient martial art of Thailand developed over thousands of years, known for its tremendous power, maximum efficiency, and raw simplicity. Muay Thai utilizes a beautiful symphony of kicks, punches, knees, and elbows with fluidity and grace. Muay Thai is often referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs”.

If you are looking to learn Muay Thai in Singapore, Evolve is the place to be. Evolve is the largest Muay Thai gym in Singapore and is home to the biggest collection of Muay Thai World Champions in Asia. Ranked as the best Muay Thai gym in Singapore, Evolve takes great pride in having a world-class Muay Thai program for students wishing to learn Muay Thai in Singapore.

Our Muay Thai classes are conducted in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. In our beginners’ Muay Thai class, we focus on proper technique and constant improvement. For advanced students, we will see to it that adequate instruction is given in our intermediate Muay Thai class so that we can take your techniques to the next level.

Muay Thai Instructors


Benefits Of Muay Thai

  • Achieve peak fitness in a fun environment
  • Trains cardiovascular strength and endurance more effectively
  • Full-body workout as it engages the entire upper and lower body
  • Build lean muscle and look extra cut and ripped
  • Develop more confidence and mental resilience
  • Release stress, feel rejuvenated, and increase your energy level
  • Fun and dynamic workouts for all ages
  • Learn self-defense to protect yourself and your loved ones

What Makes Muay Thai At Evolve Different

  • Authentic Muay Thai instructors and World Champions
  • You can train 7 days a week with our biggest class schedules in Asia
  • Train at a Muay Thai gym near you with convenient locations in Singapore
  • Modern state-of-the-art facilities
  • A safe, fun and supportive environment for everyone
  • Official Sityodtong certificate for your progress
  • Seminars conducted by Muay Thai World Champions
  • Eligible to compete in amateur or pro events
  • Join the Evolve Muay Thai Competition Team
  • Trips to local and international Muay Thai events

Muay Thai For Beginners

At Evolve MMA, we believe in providing our students with a solid foundation of basic techniques and fundamentals. In our Level 1 Muay Thai classes, students will learn how to kick, punch, knee, and elbow. They will also learn footwork, proper stance, and basic defense.

Level 1 Muay Thai classes are a great introduction to this exciting martial art of Muay Thai, giving our students a fun, cardio intensive workout to maximize weight loss and improve overall fitness. For this Muay Thai class, students should be prepared to use jump ropes, heavy bags, and kick pads.

Students will be exposed to Evolve MMA’s proven and tested curriculum including Muay Thai pad work and simple combinations in a fun and safe environment.

Muay Thai For Intermediate And Advanced Students

For the more seasoned Muay Thai student, Evolve MMA offers intermediate and advanced level Muay Thai classes. Those wishing to take their Muay Thai training to the next level will enjoy the variety of complex combinations, clinch techniques, and live sparring sessions.

Based on a carefully planned curriculum created by our World Champion instructors, students will learn various offensive, defensive, and counterattack techniques. These techniques may be applied during live sparring sessions.

The intermediate and advanced level Muay Thai classes are perfect for students who are serious about competition and determined to hone his or her striking techniques.

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Muay Thai Competition Team

Members of the Evolve Muay Thai Competition Team will be trained to compete in local amateur Muay Thai competitions as well as to travel to the birthplace of Muay Thai to compete at the highest professional levels in Thailand. Our ultimate goal is to see our most promising students fight at the legendary Lumpinee Stadium.

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More Information On Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the handful of martial arts in the world that has been undeniably battle-tested, street-certified, and ring-proven for real-life encounters. Dating as far back as the 15th century, Muay Thai was developed by the people of Thailand to defend themselves against foreign invaders. Infused heavily in rich tradition and Thai culture, Muay Thai is considered to be the national sport of Thailand.


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Muay Thai

Test drive the Evolve experience with a 30 minute Complimentary Introductory Class with a World Champion! Classes are available for all ages, skill levels, and genders.

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