7 Signs That Reveal How Dehydrated You Are

If you’re feeling thirsty right now, chances are, you’re probably dehydrated. Before you start panicking, calm down and take a sip of water.

Although many of us claim that we drink enough water, studies show that 2/3rds of the population are dehydrated and need to drink more water. By depriving ourselves of a refreshing drink of fresh, cold water we are slowly causing lasting damage to our bodies.

Curious to know if you’re on the way to possible dehydration? Today, Evolve Daily reveals 7 Signs That Reveal How Dehydrated You Are:

1) You’re always tired.


Even if you’re hitting the required 8 hours of sleep, you still find yourself yawning throughout the day – this is also known as fatigue and one of the first signs of dehydration. The less water you have in your body, the more nutrients get depleted from our body, affecting how we feel throughout the day. All you need is a glass of water to pump up your energy levels and make you more productive at work or training!


2) You’re having trouble losing those extra 5 pounds.


So you’ve been working out regularly and dieting – but those pesky 5 pounds aren’t going away? If you aren’t drinking enough water, chances are, it’s probably the reason why! The more water you drink, the less hungry you feel in between meals, or even during meals. This prevents you from sneaking in that “one last cookie”, something that we all have trouble saying “no” to. It also increases your metabolism and has zero calories!


3) You’re constantly worrying about your skin.


Dry skin? Check. Breakouts? Check. Of all the organs in your body, your skin needs the most water. Water helps flush all the excess dirt and oil that your skin has absorbed throughout the day. Drinking water also helps keep your skin moisturized and fresh, giving it that youthful glow. It’s also known to prevent wrinkles!



4) You’re always getting headaches.


Often times, the body’s way of telling your brain and lungs aren’t getting enough water is through a headache. Because of the lack of water in your body, your heart can’t pump any fluids to the different organs of the body. The less water you drink, the more prone you become to headaches, dizziness or nausea.



5) You’re always moody.


Feeling irritable? Studies show that dehydration makes people more agitated, fatigued and confused as compared to those who drank the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. Stop being grumpy and boost your mood with a glass of water. Not only will you feel great, but your colleagues or teammates will certainly appreciate the change in attitude as well.


6) You’re always complaining about aches and pains.


Wondering why you haven’t recovered from that intense sparring session two days ago? Chances are, you’re probably not drinking enough water. Water helps keep our cartilage and spinal discs ready to absorb the shock of sudden movements. This is because they are made of 80% water, keeping the bones from grinding against each other with every single movement.


7) You’re having issues with going to the bathroom.


Nope, you don’t need to eat a crazy amount of fiber or buy a magic pill to help you do your business. Staying hydrated ensures that your digestive system is always well lubricated and in tip-top shape.

When you’re dehydrated, your colon uses up the water that the intestines would have used in the next step of the digestive process. We’re sure that you can guess what happens next.


We all have our health goals, but now that we know the benefits of staying hydrated, we should make it our number one priority. We should drink water whenever we can – perhaps take a bottle with us wherever we go or even eat raw fruits and vegetables if we can’t find a source for water (although this is highly impossible).

Even if it’s common knowledge that 8 glasses of water is the standard amount we need to consume per day, we should try to drink even more water. Drink more water on a hot day, when you’re exercising or when you’re in the airplane. Remember, stay hydrated!

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