5 Ways To Help Your Kids Improve Their Grades

School can be a strenuous time for children, especially given the rough demand of constant studying and the pressure of attaining high marks. Yet it’s something that everyone goes through early on in our lives. There’s no denying the fact that kids have it good nowadays.

In the age of technology and the internet, there are so many resources available that it makes learning accessible to practically anyone. However, some students do a lot better than others. As parents, we are tasked with finding ways to keep our children motivated and wanting to learn as much as they can in school.

Have you ever thought of what else you can do to motivate your child and provide him or her with a better learning environment? There are many things we can do as parents to help our children on this journey and make it so that they enjoy studying. Be it a hobby or an extra curricular activity, it’s because when you love what you do, you get far better results.

You have the power to influence your children to be the best they can be, and we’ll show you a few practical ways you can achieve this. Today, Evolve Daily explores 5 Ways To Help Kids Improve Their Grades.


1) Enroll Them In Martial Arts Classes

The Evolve MMA Little Samurai Program is lots of fun for the little ones.

There are so many benefits to enrolling kids in martial arts classes that we don’t even know where to begin. Martial arts teaches kids discipline, respect, and perseverance. It gives them a boost of self-confidence and mental strength while allowing them to discover exactly what they are capable of as human beings.

Learning martial arts in a class environment also develops your child’s social skills as he or she interacts with other kids during training. While we leave the academics to schools, martial arts can stimulate learning in many other areas like problem-solving, developing spatial and situational intelligence, and learning self-defense. The self-confidence that kids get from training martial arts helps them become more positive, which translates into their outlook on achieving goals and targets. The combination of an increased self-confidence and the self-defense skills that they learn will also make them bully-proof, which is vital as in many parts of the world bullying is an epidemic in schools.

Martial arts is also proven to enhance an individual’s outlook on life and is a fun and engaging after-school activity.

Enrolling your child in martial arts classes will reap so many countless benefits, and the best part of it all is that the lessons your child will learn in the gym are easily applicable to all areas of life – including in the classroom. Above all, your kids will learn that nothing is impossible when you put your entire mind, body, and spirit into any endeavor.


2) Support Your Child’s Learning At Home

Martial arts is a great confidence booster for kids!

It’s important as parents that we extend the learning from school all the way to home. It doesn’t mean we have to do what their teachers do and give them extra work. No, that just adds unneeded stress. What this means is that you as a parent can do a few things that will support and enhance your child’s learning habits.

Demonstrate a positive attitude about education to your children. It’s important to teach kids the true value of education, and go beyond what grades and marks actually mean. Education is applying what you have learned in school to everyday life, setting your children up for the challenges that lie ahead.

Sometimes, supporting your child’s learning at home means we have to be firm in limiting a child’s television, video game, and internet use. While these are all good for kids in some ways, excessive use is undoubtedly detrimental to their learning. So making sure they aren’t constantly online is key. Instead, encourage them to spend more time outdoors.


3) Encourage Them To Read More

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Kids Program at Evolve MMA

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Kids Program at Evolve MMA

Reading is essential to learning. In fact, mankind has passed on knowledge and education throughout the centuries by writing books and reading them. Education, reading in particular, is one of the pillars of humanity.

Reading provides an escape to an alternate world. It gives way to fantasy and imagination and fosters creativity and vision. It also provides a window to knowledge and information that is simply not available online or achievable by any digital medium.

That’s why books will never go out of style despite the fact that pretty much everything is electronic nowadays. Reading is essential to a human being’s learning journey and encouraging your child to lead more will only prove to be beneficial.

Visit the library or the bookstore with your kids and let them pick and choose the books they want to read. It’s important to get them excited about reading first. One way to encourage them to read more is to have them decide what type of content they want to read.


4) Travel And See The World

Traveling opens up the imagination and widens the horizon. There is so much self-discovery involved in traveling, that it borders the magical. When we travel the world, we are breaking free of our confined spaces and allowing our intellect to grow by discovering new and unexplored cultures.

By traveling, we are able to recognize the differences between people and societies, and we are able to author our own adventures. Experiencing another culture’s cuisine or learning about another nation’s history through tactile touch and feel is something that cannot be taught by any textbook.

They say experience is mankind’s greatest teacher and this is absolutely true. Nothing engages the human imagination like travel and being able to discover new and exciting locales is a gift that should not be taken for granted.

Allowing our children to discover humanity by traveling and experiencing the world is a great way to foster their learning and education.


5) Help Them To Relax

Of course, perhaps the most often overlooked aspect of education is relaxation. The human mind can only process so much information at any given time before it tires out like a muscle. As such, rest and relaxation are key to allowing the mind to flourish.

Just like any other part of our body, our brains need a rest too. Whether that means kids just need an afternoon of peace and quiet, a couple of hours just listening to music, time with their friends or maybe a weekend just playing video games – rest is ultimately beneficial in the long run.

School can be a very high-pressure environment and studying hard to attain good grades can be quite stressful. Relaxing means putting all of that aside truly and just focusing on recharging the mind. Relieving stress is a good way to get back to full capacity and replenish our energy.

Help your kids to relax by partaking in fun activities. Perhaps joining a martial arts gym together and having fun while working up a sweat could be something they are interested in. A lot of fun can be had in a martial arts gym, and it has proven to be a great stress reliever as well.


Whatever it is that you try, remember, changes don’t happen overnight. It takes time for kids to adapt and start showing improvement once they are introduced to something new. In this day and age, we can get caught up with what other people are doing or saying and force kids to do nothing but study to keep up in the rat race. What we have to realized is that sometimes more isn’t better when it comes to getting better grades. Try out some of the points mentioned above and see what works for your kid. See what the right combination is for them to improve their grades.

If you think that martial arts might be something that can help your kid develop and improve their grades, book a trial class and give it a go!

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