5 Ways Martial Arts Teaches Children Respect

The world today is moving ahead at a ridiculously fast pace. People are achieving great things at a very young age. The strive for excellence has created insane competition levels for children in school. However, this has also led to an increase in frustration and stress amongst children at an age when they are supposed to be carefree and full of joy.

What if we tell you that you can ensure your child has a lot of fun, makes many new friends, learns a new life skill, improves his physical health, and most importantly, learns to respect everyone around him, all at once? Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Well, fret not, because martial arts does just that. Enrolling children in a children’s martial arts class at an early age teaches them many virtues of life such as patience, discipline, and respect for their training partners and instructors alike. These skills stick for life and prepare your child for a successful journey ahead.

Let’s take a look at how learning martial arts can be beneficial when it comes to teaching children respect.


1) Improved Overall Discipline

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Martial Arts is known to improve a child’s discipline in several ways. Martial arts classes are held in organized, disciplined academies, with strict adherence to the given time slot. Children are expected to arrive before their classes and bow down to their instructors before beginning their class. This has been derived from the various cultures, which influence the different varieties of martial arts, and this teaches the children to be disciplined and respectful towards their teachers and seniors. The instructors command a lot of respect and children also feel good about themselves when they respect their instructors, thereby building trust and forging a strong student-teacher relationship, which lasts a lifetime.

Children are required to pause their outside life for the duration of their class, ensuring full focus on learning new techniques, and all of this requires a tremendous amount of discipline from them. Respect for your seniors as well as your opponents is a virtue taught with great seriousness, and it enables children to respect their surroundings at an early age, pretty much setting them up for life.

Martial arts includes many traditional techniques which have been passed down for centuries, and are taught and practiced with great respect to the cultures from which they are derived from.


2) Improved Patience And Self Control

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One of the most important human traits that martial arts tends to improve is a person’s patience. Children tend to have a lot of energy and are usually very hyper. While this helps them with the physically demanding nature of learning martial arts, it can also lead to some behavioral problems, which lead to violence amongst children.

However, enrolling your children in a martial arts class at a very young age can instill a lot of patience in them. It is an art which requires hours and hours of dedication and focus over many years to master. Learning this new art day by day and perfecting all the techniques requires a lot of patience and helps children remain calm and focused, utilizing all that extra energy towards doing something productive.

Martial arts also teaches one to be humble and respectful towards peers. Children are taught not to use force against anyone unless it is absolutely required to protect themselves. This leads to advanced self-control over one’s own abilities and makes children more mature and calmer as they grow up.


3) Enhanced Self-Esteem And Confidence

martial arts respect children

Martial arts is all about respect.

There is no secret that martial arts can help improve one’s self-esteem and overall confidence. Being aware of the fact that you are more than capable of protecting your loved ones and yourself in the face of danger, is one of the most assuring things in life. This also plays a big part in making children extremely self-confident and ready to take on any challenges. But probably the biggest advantage of learning martial arts at a very early age is that children become confident that they cannot be bullied and abused in any way. This, in turn, makes them respect others even more as they are not scared of anyone. Children also prevent their friends from being bullied by bigger children, as they know they will be able to defend themselves if required.

The lack of fear plays a big part in making children successful as they chase their dreams and hobbies without any fear of being harmed. A child who has good self-esteem doesn’t feel the need to put anyone else down and instead respects others for who they are.


4) Teaches Team Ethics

Children's Martial Arts Respect

Martial arts helps teach children the difference between right and wrong.

Martial arts classes at include many group exercises where members help each other achieve their goals and grow together as they learn a new life skill. Children enrolled in martial arts classes are quickly exposed to the importance of teamwork and respecting one’s teammates. This goes a long way as the children understand the importance of team spirit, which is definitely required later on in their lives, whether while playing certain sports or even in their respective jobs. Understanding and encouraging one’s classmates to overcome their flaws and weaknesses develops a strong bond amongst the children and ensures they realize the importance of respecting and helping out their peers.


5) A Healthy Child Is A Happy Child

children's martial arts class

The values martial arts instills in children help them develop into successful adults.

Martial arts has undeniable physical benefits. Enrolling children in martial arts classes at an early age can make them respect the importance of fitness in their lives, and this leads to them living a healthy lifestyle. Along with the correct nutrition, physical fitness is important for a child to grow to his/her full potential. Children are often advised not to eat excessive junk food, and students of martial arts are fine-tuned to be good listeners, so they respect this advice from their instructors and lead a healthy lifestyle.


So, if you are looking for ways to help your child develop respect, there’s no better way than enrolling them in martial arts classes. The best way to do that is to sign them up for a trial class so that they can experience the fun for themselves!

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