7 Amazing Benefits Of Learning MMA

Mixed martial arts has emerged as the fastest growing combat sport globally, and it now enjoys a mainstream status in most parts of the world. Mixed martial arts started as a platform where combatants with different fighting styles could test their skills against one another in a quest to prove which martial art was the best.

The sport has evolved a lot since those days. The modern MMA fighter is well-versed in different fighting styles like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, and more.

Many would argue that MMA is the most complete self-defense system in the world since it teaches you how to defend yourself effectively regardless of where you end up in a self-defense scenario. Learning mixed martial arts is a rewarding journey that provides you with various mental and physical benefits. Here are 7 benefits you can reap while training MMA :


1) Improves Your Confidence

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Learning mixed martial arts helps to build confidence. You feel good about yourself as you start to master techniques you once struggled with, and you realize that your ability to master things isn’t limited to only martial arts but also other aspects of life. Learning MMA teaches you practical self-defense skills, which make you more confident as you go about your daily activities. Training also leans out your physique which helps you feel better about the way you look. You also get to work on your social skills when training at the gym, making you more confident during social interactions. 


2) Improves Your Mood

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Training mixed martial arts gives you an intense physical workout, leading to dopamines being released in your brain. These feel-good hormones make you feel calmer, relaxed, and even help elevate your mood. Intense physical activity has also been known to be a great way to reduce stress. MMA gyms typically promote learning techniques and movements in a positive environment, students are encouraged by instructors and peers to be patient and not give up during training sessions. Being in such an environment helps students maintain a positive mindset that often stays with them even outside the dojo, in various aspects of their lives.


3) Reduces Stress

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Learning mixed martial arts can serve as a form of destructive therapy. Studies show that taking out your anger or frustration on inanimate objects helps to lower frustration and stress.

Instead of walking around with all sorts of negative emotions bottled up inside you, MMA training provides a safe medium to release these emotions. You get to punch, kick, and slam all your problems away on heavy bags and mitts. Bottled-up stress often erupts at the worse possible times when left unaddressed, and such outbursts can severely impact your personal, romantic, and professional lives. Bottled-up stress often erupts at the worse possible times when left unaddressed, and such outbursts can severely impact your personal, romantic, and professional lives.


4) Improves Your Cardiovascular Health And Fitness

One of the most important benefits of learning mixed martial arts is the improved cardiovascular health it provides. Doctors recommend getting at least 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises three to five days a week. MMA training gives you that and a lot more. It gets your blood pumping while strengthening both your heart and lungs. It also reduces the risk of developing chronic issues like depression, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and strokes.

MMA training also gives you a calorie burner effect that few activities can match. Training mixed martial arts for an hour can burn up to 1,000 calories, increasing the chances of you achieving caloric deficit on days you train.

Remember, the formula for losing weight and getting rid of fat tissues is consuming fewer calories than your body needs. The average person needs about 2,000 calories per day, so burning half of that while training gives them more leeway with their diet.


5) Increase Your Overall Strength

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MMA training helps increase your functional strength. This goes beyond having an impressive physique that you can be proud of, MMA builds up your functional strength by building up structural muscles that might be weakened due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Weightlifting focuses on building large sets of muscles, while MMA training works your entire body, including the small stabilizer and structural muscles that are often neglected. That’s why people who train mixed martial arts and combat sports such as BJJ are often strong, even when they don’t look like it.


6) Wider Social Circle

Many of your training partners at the gym will end up becoming lifelong friends that help you get through tough training sessions. Signing up for classes is a great way to make new friends, especially after a significant life event like relocating to a new city. 

Your desire to learn mixed martial arts serves as a foundation for friendships, and the time you share at the gym gives you ample time to get to know each other. Eventually, you’ll start looking forward to spending time with your training partners as much as you look forward to training. 


7) Improved Problem-Solving Skills
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Mixed martial arts requires you to react to opponents while dealing with various other things. You learn how to make intelligent decisions even when fatigue creeps in, and your cognitive skills start to diminish. You learn to read slight movements and expressions your opponent makes and use them to anticipate their next move. You have to evade your opponent’s attacks while setting up attacks of your own. 

Learning how to make intelligent decisions under pressure is an essential skill that carries over into other aspects of your life. The pressure you face at work or school won’t phase you when you’re used to making decisions while punches barely miss your face. 


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