5 Reasons Why Martial Arts Boosts Confidence

For those who have chosen to take up martial arts for self-defense or as a new hobby, you will realize that it becomes so much more than that – it is a way of life that changes you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  One of the most obvious changes one sees is in your self-confidence.

Although everyone knows that martial arts boosts confidence, the reason why is unclear. Evolve Daily gives you the inside scoop on the five secrets behind the incredible effect of martial arts on one’s self-confidence.


1) It Gives You The Confidence To Defend Yourself Against An Attacker. 

Imagine being able to walk down a dark alley without fear, or being a woman that has the ability to take control over any situation. Any martial artist will tell you that the confidence they feel knowing that they are able to defend themselves in any compromising situation is incomparable. The self-defense skills you learn in class – from sparring to the techniques, prepare you for real-life situations.


2) It Gives You The Confidence To Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To. 


When you start martial arts, you may feel daunted by the number of techniques that you must learn as well as the strength of your opponents. But the more  you practice the more you realize that you are capable of matching your opponents in strength as well as technique – or sometimes, even do better than them.

The fact that you are able to do so gives you the confidence in knowing that you can achieve anything as long as you train hard for it.  You realize that nothing is impossible – it is just a state of mind.


3) It Gives You The Confidence To Know You Look Great. 

There’s no greater feeling than being able to fit into those skinny jeans you’ve been eyeing or showing your six pack abs at the beach. Martial arts helps you look great without you noticing it. While you’re busy doing drills and sparring, you’re actually burning hundreds of calories at the same time. Looking great is just one of the few perks you get from practicing martial arts.


4) It Gives You The Confidence To Perform Under Pressure.

When you train martial arts, you will eventually find yourself joining competitions. Everyone is aware of the immense pressure one feels whenever one competes. The fact that you are competing shows the world how much you believe in yourself and your skills. It also proves that you are OK with whatever the outcome may be, because you know that win or lose, you will learn something from the experience.


5) It Gives You The Confidence To Socialize With Others.  

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Because martial arts is taught in a group setting, as practitioners, you will often come across many different students at any given time. Even if you prefer to have a small group of friends with similar interests, you will inevitably be exposed to a bigger group of people who share the same love for martial arts. At its core, martial arts teaches us the importance of socializing with others and it increases our social circles tenfold.

Whether you’ve just started martial arts or are a seasoned practitioner, the self-confidence you develop is unrivalled by any other activity. There’s no doubt that martial arts truly brings out the best in all its practitioners.


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