9 Reasons Why Boxing Is The Perfect Workout For Weight Loss

Very few activities compare to boxing when it comes to weight loss. An hour spent training boxing can burn up to 800 calories. That is more of a calorie burn than running, swimming, or lifting weights for the same amount of time. 

The formula for weight loss couldn’t be any more straightforward: you need to regularly consume fewer calories than your body needs daily to reach a caloric deficit which forces your body to tap into your fat reserves. 

Think of fat as biological batteries that store energy when your body has excess. Regularly consuming fewer calories than your body needs forces it to tap into its reserves for energy, burning fat off your frame. As a result, you lose weight and become leaner. 

Boxing also provides you with many other benefits besides helping to lose weight. For example, knowing how to box helps with self-defense. 

Other benefits include improved problem-solving skills, cognition, hand-eye coordination, and overall health. Boxing gives you a productive hobby that turns you into the ultimate version of yourself. It also allows you to make new friends and improve your social skills. 


Nine Reasons Boxing Is The Perfect Weight-Loss Workout

Now that we have gone over what it takes to lose weight, let’s go over some of the reasons why boxing is the perfect workout to help you reach your weight loss goals:


1) Excellent Way To Burn Calories

As we mentioned earlier, you can burn up to 800 calories every hour you spend training. This makes it significantly easier to reach a caloric deficit. For example, let’s say you have a target goal of consuming no more than 2000 calories. Burning 800 calories at the gym allows you to consume up to 2800 calories while still reaching a daily caloric deficit. 

You don’t have to deal with an overly restrictive diet when you’re burning that many calories. 


2) Boxing Is A Full-Body Workout

Most weight loss programs either focus on cardio or weight lifting. Boxing is different since it uses both to give you an incredible full-body workout. 

You’ll be doing a lot of upper body work as you throw punches while working your core with every movement. And, since boxing is a weight-bearing exercise, you’ll also be working your lower body quite a bit. This together makes for an excellent way to tone your entire body. 


3) Boxing Builds Muscle

nong-o punching bag

While boxing is an excellent way to burn fat, it also helps you build muscle. Since boxing is a full-body workout, it helps build muscle all over your body. 

This is important because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue. So, the more muscle you have, the easier it will be to lose weight and keep it off. 


4) Boxing Improves Cardiovascular Health

Boxing gives you an excellent cardio workout. It increases your heart rate and keeps it there for an extended period. This helps improve your overall cardiovascular health. 

And, as we all know, a healthy heart is critical to good health. So, not only does boxing help you lose weight, it also helps you improve your overall health. 


5) Boxing Reduces Stress

happy student with boxing gloves

We all deal with stress daily. And while a little bit of stress can be good for us, too much stress can have a negative impact on our health. 

Chronic stress can lead to weight gain, anxiety, and depression. So, finding ways to reduce stress in our lives is crucial. 

Boxing is an excellent way to do this. It allows you to release all of that built-up tension and stress. As a result, you’ll feel better mentally and physically. 


6) Boxing Boosts Confidence

Boxing helps boost confidence for two reasons. First, as you lose weight and get in shape, you’ll naturally feel more confident about your appearance. 

Second, as you learn new boxing techniques and become more skilled, you’ll develop a sense of accomplishment which will also help boost your confidence. 

Boxing class doesn’t only help you lose weight and get in shape; you’ll also gain the confidence that comes with becoming proficient at a new skill. 


7) Boxing Is Fun

Boxing is a great workout because it’s also a lot of fun. It’s an excellent way to relieve boredom and add variety to your workout routine. 

Plus, as you become more skilled at boxing, you can start competing in amateur boxing matches. This adds an element of competition to the sport, making it even more enjoyable. 


8) Boxing Is Convenient

Another great thing about boxing is that it’s a very convenient workout. Evolve MMA has multiple boxing gyms all over Singapore. Since most boxing workouts typically last about an hour, they’re easy to fit into even the busiest schedules. 

Boxing being so popular makes training more enjoyable. Once you get the hang of things, you can visit other boxing gyms to spar with new faces. You also get to see how things are run in other gyms, and you can make some of them part of your training routine. 


9) Boxing Is Suitable For All Fitness Levels

amir khan punching heavy bag

Boxing is an excellent workout for people of all fitness levels. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned athlete, boxing can provide an excellent workout. 

If you’re new to boxing, you can start with basic boxing techniques and work your way up to more advanced techniques. And, if you’re already in good shape, you can push yourself harder to get even more out of your boxing workouts. 

No matter what your fitness level may be, boxing is a great workout option.


Boxing Provides Endless Rewards

As you can see, there are many reasons why boxing is the perfect workout for weight loss. Boxing is an excellent option if you’re looking for an effective, convenient, and fun workout. Unlike conventional workouts like running and weightlifting, which can quickly get monotonous, every boxing class you attend gives you a unique experience, so you’re always looking forward to your next training session. 

So, what are you waiting for? Attend one of Evolve’s complimentary introductory classes to see what training looks like firsthand. 


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