WATCH: The 5 Best Chokes For MMA (Videos)

Everyone loves a good submission finish in an MMA fight. Grapplers, wrestlers, BJJ specialists, and sometimes even strikers turn to submissions as a means to end a fight. And out of all the submissions, nothing is more devastating than a choke.

Ask any MMA fighter or BJJ practitioner, and they’ll tell you that joint submissions, are much easier to resist than a choke. Unlike a joint submission, a choke challenges the neck strength of one’s opponent, testing him/her until he/she is forced to tap. Because of this possibility, a choke has more potential to end any fight as opposed to a joint submission.

Today, Evolve Daily Ranks The 5 Best Chokes For MMA:


1) The Rear Naked Choke

Also known as “the king of chokes”, there’s a good reason why rear naked chokes have made it to the top of this list. Once executed properly, a rear naked choke is almost impossible to defend/escape. The position it is executed from (back mount) is one of the most dominant positions a fighter could be in, especially in BJJ. This is because it is difficult for the opponent to attack from this position or escape, especially if both the fighter’s hooks are in.


2) Guillotine Choke

One of the most popular submissions in MMA, the guillotine can be performed both standing and on the ground. Depending on the type of guillotine you choose to execute, you need to put pressure on the trachea or the carotid arteries. One of the reasons why the guillotine is especially effective is because it is a great way to counter takedowns, which, as we all know, happens quite frequently in an MMA fight.


3) Triangle Choke

Whether it’s a reverse triangle or a basic triangle choke, the triangle choke has been utilized in many MMA fights by notable BJJ practitioners such as Nate Diaz and Demian Maia. Unlike the two previous choke submissions, the triangle relies on the pressure of one’s thighs to block blood flow in the neck and cause one’s opponent to tap out. The triangle choke is especially popular in MMA because it is one of the easiest submissions to achieve. Often, while trying to pass the guard, fighters will leave their arms out as they crouch down to land strikes. This is the perfect position to attempt the triangle choke in, making it a popular submission for MMA fighters.


4) Anaconda Choke

There’s a good reason why the anaconda choke is a great name for this submission. Once you’re caught in this vice-like arm triangle variation (provided it’s executed properly of course), you’d be sure to tap out. The anaconda choke got its name from the deadly Amazonian snake of the same name, known for crushing the life out of its prey. What makes this choke even more effective is the movement required to finish it. To finish the anaconda choke, you must roll your opponent over his free shoulder, using the momentum to turn him/her onto his/her trapped shoulder, creating immense pressure while doing so. The anaconda choke and the d’arce choke are variations of the arm triangle choke.


5) Peruvian Necktie

How To Do A Peruvian Necktie!

WATCH: How To Do A Peruvian Necktie!

Posted by Evolve MMA on Sunday, April 23, 2017

Out of all the chokes on this list, the Peruvian necktie is the most difficult to execute, especially in an MMA fight. However, once executed successfully, it is one of the most devastating chokes that an MMA fighter could have in his/her arsenal. What makes this move especially difficult is getting into the position itself. In fact, this choke is so complex that it’s only been pulled off a handful of times in the cage. The Peruvian necktie is a variation of the guillotine, however, it requires the pressure of one’s legs to finish the choke.


So tell us, which of these chokes will you add to your arsenal today?


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