6 Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

As the year draws to an end, Christmas comes again in December. This time is supposed to be a month to reflect on our year, relax and catch up with old friends and family. But you’re probably not that relaxed if you’re still scrambling for the best gift ideas. The busy shopping crowds and traffic can get very stressful as it draws closer to Christmas. 

However, it’s still not too late for those who have not started Christmas shopping to get a present that’ll bring great cheer to your family or friends. So instead of just going to the mall and buying a ready-made gift, here are six unusual gift ideas that will impress and delight them. 


1) A Membership Package To Singapore’s Top Martial Arts Gym, Evolve MMA

boxing class

Evolve MMA provides the most convenient schedule across all forms of martial arts for you to choose from!

If your loved one has been telling you that they need to go to the gym because they want to lose fat and get muscular, this is one of the best gifts you can offer them. Let them try martial arts with Singapore’s top mixed martial arts gym, Evolve MMA. Not only will it nudge them to start a workout routine, but they will also learn how to defend themselves in a dangerous situation.

Additionally, martial arts bring plenty of benefits such as helping people achieve physical and emotional well-being. It also serves as a welcome break from the usual hustle and bustle of their busy working lives since they can release all their pent-up emotions on the punching bag. Whether male or female, old or young, anyone can try boxing, Muay Thai, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sessions at Evolve MMA. It’s a gift that keeps on giving since it’s a reminder of your love for them and a push to start their wellness journey! 

To buy a membership package as a gift, contact Evolve MMA and enquire about their various class options. If your friend or family member is already a dedicated martial arts practitioner, it’s time to check out gifts you can get for martial artists


2) Arts And Craft Sessions

Even if your friend or family member isn’t exactly into handicrafts, gifting them a session of therapeutic hands-on art sessions might help them to discover their inner Picasso.

For instance, you can buy them art-jamming sessions. It’s a low-pressure way of exploring their creativity. Besides, group options are available, so you can make it a gift for two! Or perhaps a pottery session will help those a little more inclined to hands-on arts and crafts. These sessions at Dirty Hands Only take place on a rooftop garden. Participants can create beautiful ceramic pieces they can take home and admire. 

These art sessions are lovely if you have a friend or family member who needs to get out of their comfort zone. Painting and sculpting are ways to express themselves and convey their unique thoughts and experiences to the world. Besides, the lucky people who receive your gift will remember you for the art piece they created!


3) Handmade Art Items By Non-Profit Organisations

If you want to do good while buying Christmas presents, purchase handmade items from non-profit or charity organizations. You can help them support their causes and be financially sustainable too.

Try shopping at the Art Faculty’s gift shop online or in person at Enabling Village. Art Faculty is a social enterprise that creates quality, functional gifts. Their products are printed with unique artworks by artists on the autism spectrum. When you purchase these products, the artists earn income too. They also create corporate gift bundles, so if you are shopping for the whole office, you might want to contact them to find out more. 


4) Get Cooking 

Discover new hobbies like cooking and baking through this opportunity!

Do you have someone who loves cooking or baking? Are they constantly bringing you their latest culinary accomplishment to try at home or in the office? Give them a gift card to thank them for their delicious treats. These culinary sessions will let them improve their culinary skills and do what they enjoy under professional supervision. 

Cooking Class Singapore is a private kitchen studio that offers customized sessions for individuals, couples, or families. You can purchase gift cards for your loved ones and let them choose what they want to cook. Or send them to Totts Singapore at Suntec City, where they can learn to make Christmas cakes, bake bread, and even make local pastries such as kueh. After you purchase the gift voucher, you can email it to your recipients for them to redeem at their convenience. 


5) Sing Their Hearts Out 

Any type of exercise, such as martial arts sessions, can boost endorphins, making you feel good. But did you know that singing also can do the same? Singing also triggers oxytocin release, which helps to relieve anxiety

So if you have a friend who needs cheering up, book a room at K Star for a karaoke session. K Star Singapore has four outlets in Singapore, one at Plaza Singapura, one at Clarke Quay Central, one at PLQ Mall, and another at Orchard Central. A karaoke session at K Star takes place in a soundproof room, with plenty of new and retro tunes to choose from. You can also order snacks to keep you full while you sing. 

Book a room and invite your gift receiver, or contact them for a gift voucher that your recipients can redeem on their own. If you go together, it’s also an excellent excuse to belt Christmas carols loudly in a dark room without fear of judgment. That way, you and your gift receiver can immediately get into the festive mood! 


6) Mix Cocktails

If you have a sophisticated boss or colleague in their 30s, you should gift them this cocktail mixologist session. Since their wild partying days are likely over, they might enjoy cozying up to a good drink on a quiet night more. 

Spiffy Dapper has workshops and masterclasses that you can buy as gifts. Participants get to learn the history and science behind gin and tonics and how to make them at home. They even get to sample dishes from their food menu during the class. Spiffy Dapper also has Zoom sessions for those who prefer stay-home sessions. 

You can also gift your recipients a cocktail delivery if that sounds too much work. Just book what you need from their website, and leave instructions that it’s a gift. Spiffy Dapper will take care of the rest. It’s the best way to say thank you and ‘bottoms up’ without going to a bar! 


Spice Up Your Christmas This Season! 

martial arts christmas gift

Time to spice up your gifts this Christmas!

This year-end, don’t be a boring gift-giver at Secret Santa. Get your loved ones a martial arts gym membership in Singapore, or let them try art, singing, or cooking. No need to stick to the usual gift hampers from shopping malls.  These exciting ideas will let them unwind and start 2023 with a refreshing outlook! Or perhaps you can gift yourselves these presents too, especially if you need a good reason to buy things for yourself. If you, like many others, are looking for a fun workout routine, indulge in self-care and book a 30 minutes martial arts trial class with our World Champions today. It might be the best gift you can give yourself this year! 


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