Here’s How Martial Arts Teaches Kids The Importance Of Discipline

Discipline could be the most important trait to teach to children these days. It’s certainly necessary in modern times, with kids growing increasingly independent. How can we build trust in our children that they will have enough discipline to walk down the right path, even without our supervision?

Luckily, kids martial arts training is a great way to teach kids discipline. Through martial arts, kids learn the value of discipline and how to exercise discipline in their lives.

Training provides the perfect environment for children to foster discipline through routines, practices, and drills. In order to be successful in martial arts, a high level of discipline is required. This is mandatory, as students begin to realize within the first few sessions. Those who strive to be disciplined advance much quicker than their peers.

In fact, martial arts and discipline go hand-in-hand. One cannot thrive without the other. Kids need martial arts to effectively learn to be disciplined. Conversely, discipline is essential in martial arts training.

There is a multitude of reasons why martial arts is a great tool for teaching kids discipline. Let’s dive into those reasons. Today, Evolve Daily shares four ways martial arts teaches kids the importance of discipline.

1) It Gives Them Confidence

Here’s how to instill confidence in children!

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Posted by Evolve MMA on Saturday, March 3, 2018

Discipline is an important factor in a child’s confidence. In order to be confident in oneself, a child must know that being disciplined is the key to success. At the same time, success breeds confidence. All three factors work together to give children a boost in self-esteem.

This is especially important because self-esteem is something martial arts directly imparts in children. Many children today lack self-esteem and are often the target of bullying. In turn, they go through a rough time in school, dealing with peers in a social setting. By training in martial arts, children gain the confidence and the discipline they need to succeed in the world.

Training consists of various health and fitness methodologies, which all, in turn, require a certain level of discipline to perform correctly. Furthermore, the right amount of discipline ensures kids get the most out of training.


2) It Teaches Them The Difference Between The Journey And The Destination

These days we can get caught up in a results-oriented mindset, which takes away from what our focus should be on, which is the process. Yes, discerning between the journey and the destination is something that martial arts teaches every practitioner. The journey is extremely important in the world of martial arts.

During martial arts training, children are taught to trust the process, that every effort they make results in progress and improvement. Martial artists are always looking to improve on a daily basis, even just 1% each day. By this focus on constant daily improvement, children are taught to remain disciplined so they can maximize their time.

Without discipline, martial artists cannot progress and they will never reach the destination. Discipline is one of the most important aspects of progress.


3) It Helps Them Make Good Choices

Learning how to focus is a big part of martial arts.

One thing parents worry about most is how they can teach their kids to make good decisions in every situation they face. The reality is, even at a young age, kids have to make tough choices, whether in school or at home. In these scenarios, discipline is absolutely essential.

By having discipline further reinforced through martial arts training, it helps kids make better choices for themselves. Martial arts teaches kids to digest information, survey situations, and plan the best course of action. It is practiced through training, and through sparring, which allows kids to develop quick rational thinking.

Training the mind and consciousness to make rational decisions, especially in the heat of any situation, is an invaluable lesson that martial arts teaches. Having this skill set, while instilling the value of discipline, helps kids make great choices in their lives.


4) It Helps Them Manage Their Emotions

The habits children learn from martial arts set them up for life.

Children go through a range of emotions as they grow older. They develop a connection with their inner self and get in touch with who they are. We’ve all been through this age of self-identity and discovery. As such, they need guidance in managing their emotions.

Martial arts training helps children better deal with their emotions by putting them in the right frame of mind. A huge portion of martial arts involves mental and emotional wellness. Clearing the mind and meditation — these are everyday training methodologies.

Children are taught how to rid their minds of external distractions whenever they step onto the mats. This fosters optimal performance, allowing kids to reap the maximum benefits of training. By being calm and collected, kids can handle their emotions and not let feelings like anger and despair overwhelm them.

Furthermore, kids are taught to face their fears and overcome them. Martial arts allows students to face their insecurities, their fears, and show them the path to getting better in all aspects.

So if you’re looking to teach your kids more discipline, why not enroll them in martial arts classes? Book a trial today!

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