5 Ways To Teach Kids How To Work With Others

The value of teamwork is one of the most important aspects of life to understand. Humans are social beings by nature. We simply cannot go through life alone. But a lot of people today become isolated from social interaction, and they lose sight of the value of teamwork.

It then becomes very important for us, as parents, to teach our children the value of teamwork at a young age. This means exposing them to social interaction and allowing their personality to develop in a group setting. It is our job to guide them and make sure they don’t get influenced in a negative way.

Teaching your kids how to function in a team early will allow them to fully grasp the role they play in society, in school, at home, or even in their own social circles. Now, in order for kids to understand teamwork, they have to be put into positions where they will have to work with others.

A lot of times, this means they work with us parents, sometimes, with children of similar age. We’ve come up with a few things you can try to help your kids become better socially, and learn how to function as a unit.

Today, Evolve Daily shares five ways you can help teach your kids how to work with others.

1) Martial Arts Classes

How Martial Arts Help Children Unleash Their Greatness

Designed by a Harvard University graduate and taught by World Champions, Evolve MMA’s Little Samurai Children’s Program helps children build life skills to become the best version of themselves!

Posted by Evolve MMA on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A martial arts class provides your children with all the learning and development they need, especially at a young age.

Martial arts classes, apart from the obvious physical and health benefits, have many positive effects on a person’s life. Giving your children the gift of martial arts early means setting them up for success.

During your child’s martial arts journey, they will learn to interact with their fellow students as they use teamwork to solve problems and complete tasks. They learn and grow together, and perhaps this is the best tool to teach your kids how to work well with others.

While it may not seem so to the uneducated eye, martial arts is an extremely social activity. Various disciplines such as boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and the like all have different drills where practitioners must work together to reach goals.

By working with other students, your children will learn how to function as members of a team.


2) Play With Your Child

valdir and his daughter

BJJ Champion Valdir Rodrigues is also his daughter’s BJJ instructor!

We may not realize it often, but our children crave our attention. They desire to interact with us all the time. Maybe we’re too caught up in adult stuff like work and responsibilities, that we sometimes lose sight of that, but playtime with your kids is very important.

Playtime allows kids to utilize their creativity while developing their imagination, spatial intelligence, physical strength, cognitive ability, and emotional stability. Of course, we as parents must be there to guide them and to provide a safe environment for them to grow. Playtime is extremely important for developing a healthy brain.

Your kids engage and interact with the world around them through play. By interacting with your children, you first teach them how to work well with another human being.


3) Assign Tasks

a child doing martial arts

Learning how to focus is a big part of martial arts.

Assigning different tasks to your children will teach them that by working together, they can achieve a common goal. Completing tasks gives children a sense of accomplishment. It can also help them to understand that certain tasks are assigned only to them and that each task is important in the grand scheme of things.

Assigning tasks is the first step to teaching the importance of teamwork. Strive to teach your children that each person has a different role to fill and that everyone must work together in order to complete a function or to get the job done.

When your kids begin to understand that the tasks assigned to them are important, they then start to realize the role they play in a team.

Begin by assigning tasks to your children at home, such as doing dishes, taking out the trash, or simply cleaning up their rooms. Children are more willing to perform household duties if you start them at an early age. You’ll find that they enjoy it as well.


4) Cook a Meal Together


One amazing activity you can do to teach your kids how to work well with others, as well as the value of teamwork, is to cook a meal together.

There are many nuances in cooking a meal. Tasks such as cutting vegetables, preparing meat, cooking food, and even cleaning up are all very important aspects of cooking. By cooking a meal with your kids, you can explore every phase of the cooking process together. Even more, you will all be working towards a tangible goal.

Good teamwork helps to build solid morale in a unit. When you work as a team, solving problems, completing tasks, and being productive becomes so much easier. Your kids will begin to understand that working in a team of people with different skills is an efficient way to tackle obstacles.

Cooking a meal together helps in understanding how a team works and why it is so effective.


5) Limit Screen Time

This doesn’t directly affect how your kids view teamwork, but it sure does help them become more aware of their physical capabilities, emotions, and other aspects of their personality.

Screen time is a big issue with kids nowadays, frankly because they tend to have too much of it. And of course, too much screen time is certainly a bad thing, primarily because it could deprive children of the opportunity of other, richer, more fulfilling activities.


The life lessons children learn from martial arts are invaluable.

Children need to experience the world around them to develop their emotional quotient, social skills, physical abilities, and spatial intelligence. If they are deep into screen time often, they miss out on a lot of the real-world activities that will help them grow and develop.

Screen time isn’t bad per se, and can also sometimes be a useful learning tool. But too much of it is certainly detrimental.

Allow your kids to socially interact with other people instead of just having them stare at a tablet all the time.


If you feel that your children could benefit from the power of martial arts, sign them up for a trial class to give it a go!

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