How To Protect Your Child From Singapore’s Bullying Epidemic

Bullying amongst children is an epidemic in Singapore. A recent article has shed light on the fact that Singapore has the third highest rate of bullying in the world, only the children of Latvia and New Zealand have it worse.

This worrying piece of news might cause you to panic – especially if your family lives in Singapore, and your children study here. But fret not, because while you can’t prevent your child from being a bully target, you actually have the power to do what it takes to bully-proof him/her, whether you realize it or not. All you have to do is get him/her started in martial arts!

Now, you might be thinking that martial arts isn’t the way to go, simply because it appears to be violent. But here’s the thing: martial arts actually promotes peace, and it could prevent your child from not only getting bullied but becoming a bully as well. Curious? Then read on to discover 5 Ways Martial Arts Protects Your Children From Bullying:


1) It equips them with essential self-defense skills

Your children will be learning all kinds of techniques that could protect them in the face of danger – such as the times when bullies start to physically attack them. Although martial arts will teach your child not to resort to violence and to avoid it as much as possible, there might still be times that he or she has to defend himself or herself. Even if your children don’t ever have to deal with such attacks, we believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry.


2) It boosts their social skills and ability to work in a team

Whether it’s due to a lack of confidence or the fact that they’re more introverted by nature, some children just prefer to keep to themselves and are quiet. Sometimes, there are also other children who also just can’t function as well in a team as they do on their own. Unfortunately, they sometimes end up getting bullied because of this.

If you wish to build your child’s social skills, then martial arts is definitely the way to go. After all, they will be interacting with their peers and instructors regularly, and more importantly, be able to work towards goals and master techniques with their teammates. Hence, they will slowly but surely become more team players.


3) It builds up their self-confidence

A lack of confidence can not only cause a child to turn into a bully target, but also become a bully and pick on other children so as to feel powerful and/or superior. When they rely on such negative things to feel good about themselves, it might turn into a toxic habit that they eventually carry over to adulthood – and this will, unfortunately, make them unpleasant people to work with or generally hang around. After all, who likes to get put down?

Hence, it is crucial for your children to have a healthy self-esteem in their earlier years, as they’re growing up. By training martial arts, there’s no doubt that your children will become more confident individuals as they track their own progress and ultimately grow as martial artists and people.


4) It shows them that peace is the answer

As we mentioned earlier, martial arts promotes peace way more than it does violence – despite first impressions or what we see in the media. By letting your children train, you’re also giving them the chance to pick up non-violent conflict resolution skills, as well as learn to be calm in all sorts of situations. The best part about this is that it will ultimately make them walk away from a fight when confronted. As a result, they will stay out of trouble and hopefully not be another number in the bullying statistics.


5) It teaches them to respect everyone

When your children train martial arts, they will learn to respect not just their instructors but also their peers. That means they won’t put down or be rude to anyone, regardless of their rank, gender, age, or size. After all, your children probably want to earn their respect as well – and disrespecting others certainly isn’t the way to achieve that.

This is an important trait to cultivate in your children because it could be what prevents them from picking on other weaker or more vulnerable children in school. Instead, they will stand up for those who get bullied because they will understand that nobody deserves to be a victim of bullying, the same way everyone deserves respect.


So tell us, are you going to bully-proof your children? Kickstart their martial arts journey by signing them up for a class today!


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