6 Reasons Why Boxing Training Is Better Than A Gym Workout

You’d probably be better off signing off for boxing training instead of creating a conventional gym workout. Sure, a well-stocked gym gives you all the equipment you need to transform your body if you’re dedicated, but it doesn’t provide some of the benefits you get by learning how to box like how to defend yourself, and the training partners you’ll become lifelong friends with. 


Benefits Of Boxing Over Traditional Gym Working

Wondering why you’d be better off taking boxing classes over signing up at a local gym? Here are some of the reasons why boxing classes are the way to go.


1) Boxing Training Gives You A Full-Body Workout

boxing student

Boxing engages all the muscles in your body for a complete workout.

Throwing a punch requires you to generate power starting from your feet on the floor, up your legs, to your hips, core, and, finally, arms. 

Boxing training sessions often also include performing exercises and drills designed to strengthen different parts of your body. For example, boxing training often involves heavy bag drills which strengthen all the muscles activated when throwing a punch. 


2) It Provides More Cardio Than Most Workouts

student throws a rear hook

A student practicing the rear hook technique in a boxing class at Evolve Far East Square.

On average, a boxing training session burns more calories than conventional workouts. A study conducted by FightCamp showed male participants burned an average of 595 calories during a 30-minute boxing session, while females burned an average of 369 calories. You’d need to run at a fast pace for over an hour to burn the same amount of calories. 

Being able to burn so many calories during each training session makes it easier to finish your day with a caloric deficit, bringing you closer to any weight or fat loss goals you have. Go to any boxing gym and you’ll quickly notice that most students have lean physiques. That’s a testament to how much cardio boxing training involves. It’ll melt the extra pounds on your body off. 

The mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercise you get during boxing training also helps to protect your general health, particularly against health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and strokes. 


3) Improves Your Focus And Alertness

student working on focus mitts in boxing class

Focus mitts are one of the key aspects of boxing training that sharpens hand-eye coordination and focus.

Boxing doesn’t just give you a physical challenge, it also provides a thorough mental challenge. For example, performing a complex combination requires you to focus on the multiple steps involved, while defensive movements like slipping require a high level of awareness and mental focus. 

The mental challenge boxing training gives your brain leads to various mental benefits like improved working memory, improved problem-solving skills, and enhanced reaction times. Training also improves your hand-to-eye coordination.

Learning how to box requires you to be present in the moment, which improves your awareness of your surroundings and your body. You’ll be a more attentive and focused person because of your training. 


4) Boxing Training Improves Your Mood And Protects Against Mental Illness

Happy students during boxing.

Training in boxing doesn’t just help release stress but also helps your body release happy endorphins that’ll make you feel better after each session.

Learning how to box helps to improve your overall mental health. Studies show that as little as 15 minutes of moderate exercise can elevate a person’s mood by triggering the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain called endorphins. These chemicals act as antidepressants, elevating your mood and keeping you relaxed. 

Learning how to box also increases your self-esteem and confidence as your body and mind are transformed. Everyone has challenges when they pick up a new activity, but with boxing training, you get a support system that helps you get past these hurdles. It could be a technique you’re struggling with or not having enough cardiovascular endurance to keep up with the rest of the gym. You’ll get past these things with each passing training session and they’ll serve as reminders of what you can overcome when you persevere. 


5) Improved Endurance, Coordination, And Balance

how to add bobbing and weaving to boxing

Bobbing and weaving are fundamental boxing techniques for defense.

Taking boxing classes challenges your baseline balance as you learn new skills like proper boxing footwork. Many of the movements used while training help to improve your coordination, agility, and balance. 

Boxing training also helps to improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, helping to keep vital organs like your heart and lungs healthy. These workouts increase your lactic output, allowing you to engage in physically demanding activities for longer periods. 

A typical boxing workout brings your heart rate up while providing periods to recover between training rounds. It’s very challenging to replicate a boxing workout with free weights or exercise machines. 


6) You Learn An Effective Self-Defense System

boxing female student left hook heavy bag

Boxing empowers you with self-defense skills when needed.

Boxing has been the most popular combat sport worldwide for over a century, making it one of the most competitive martial arts as trainers and coaches look for ways to give their fighters every advantage possible. Every technique used in boxing has been analyzed countless times and it’s the only combat sport that’s been broken down into a science. 

Boxing is one of the most effective fighting systems ever developed and practitioners only being well-versed in using their hands as weapons doesn’t hinder them much in self-defense situations. A boxer simply needs to land a single well-placed punch on an opponent to bring a confrontation to an end. 

Combine your boxing training with a little grappling fundamentals and you’ll have all the tools you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from people with ill intent. 


Try Out Boxing Today! 

Signing up for boxing classes leads to physical and mental transformation. Boxing is the way to go if you have to choose between learning how to box or signing up at a gym for workouts. However, the optimal approach is to combine both activities to push your body harder. Weight training and other gym workouts have their benefits like helping to build muscle mass, and the same can be said about boxing. 


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