7 Reasons Why Martial Arts Are The Best Gift For Your Kids

Martial arts classes are one of the best gifts you can give any child. Learning martial arts gives children all the tools they need to succeed in all aspects of life, from childhood to adulthood. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Some of the benefits children gain from learning martial arts include increased discipline, confidence, problem-solving skills, physical health, and focus. 


Reasons Martial Arts Classes Are The Best Gift You Can Give A Child

Let us take a look at some of the reasons you should consider giving your kids the gift of martial arts:


1) Makes Them Bullyproof

kids learning bjj

Martial arts empower children, instilling the confidence to stand tall and resilient against bullying.

Bullying is a serious issue worldwide, and Singapore is no exception. It can have a significant impact on a child’s development, and it can cause emotional scars that never go away. Bullied children are also more likely to contemplate suicide and follow up on their thoughts. 

Bullying often involves violence, with the victim regularly being physically abused by their tormentor. It can last for years since bullied children often lack the confidence to stand up to the bully, and authority figures like teachers may not take it seriously enough. 

Martial arts classes protect children from bullies in many ways. For starters, the increased confidence a child gains from martial arts classes is often enough to deter bullies from making them targets. Bullies are typically cowards who look for the weakest person in a room to prey on. A child walking around with confident body language reduces their odds of being victims. 

A child being confident also gives them the courage to stand up to bullies or report them to authority figures. 

Martial arts classes also teach children how to resolve conflicts with their words. Most martial arts schools understand how serious bullying is, so they teach students ways to stand up to bullies verbally. Martial artists are taught to avoid violence and use their words to resolve conflicts. 

Of course, that’s not the cool thing to do these days, so children who don’t react to violence with violence are often ridiculed for not taking the bait. A child who trains in martial arts is less likely to be affected by their classmates calling them a “punk” or “coward” for not fighting, thanks to the confidence and discipline they learn in the dojo. 

Thirdly, martial arts classes give children useful tools to defend themselves if the need arises. They are taught to use their fighting skills only when there is no other way to resolve the conflict. 


2) Makes Your Child More Active

Learning martial arts helps children get in shape while enjoying physical activities.

Children these days are bombarded with all sorts of technology like smartphones, tablets, and video games, so they often have little incentive to get off the couch. That can lead to lifelong issues like obesity. 

Martial arts classes get children to enjoy physical activities because it’s a fun environment where they learn interesting things. Training never feels like a chore, but it will get them in the best shape of their lives. 

Childhood obesity is a growing problem worldwide, so give your child the gift of martial arts so they can learn how fun physical activities can be. That might even make them want to participate in extracurricular activities at school. 


3) Teaches Respect

Martial arts cultivate respect in children, shaping character both on and off the mats.

Many would argue that children these days aren’t as respectful as children were a hundred years ago, and it’s all around us. Martial arts training emphasizes respect and typically carries over to other aspects of the child’s life. 

During training, children must be respectful to their training partners and instructors. They are told to bow when they step on the mat and shake hands with their training partners after working together. These rules are enforced rigorously, so children quickly learn the importance of being respectful to all those they interact with. 


4) Effective Self-Defense Skills

muay thai boy heavy bag drills

Children get to learn self-defense skills that can be applied to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The world can be a dangerous place, so you want your kids to have all the tools they need to deal with any threats that come their way. Martial arts teach children effective techniques they can use to defend themselves if the need ever arises. Children drill these moves regularly and sharpen them by sparring with their training partners. 

Eventually, the techniques your child learns become part of their muscle memory. They just instinctively know what to do if someone tries to harm them. The confidence your child learns from training reduces their risk of being a victim since criminals/troublemakers typically look for the easiest target to prey on. 


5) Concentration

kids martial arts gym

Martial arts not only teaches kids self-defense but also sharpens their focus and concentration, setting the stage for enhanced learning and personal growth.

Learning martial arts leads to improved concentration and focus. Children have to pay attention as instructors break down techniques, then they drill the move with their training partners. This creates a fast feedback tool that shows the child the importance of paying attention to details and not letting their minds drift. 

For example, a child might watch an instructor break down a technique and still struggle when attempting to drill the technique. The instructor might come over to correct the things they’re doing wrong, so they listen and attempt the technique again. They keep trying the technique and getting more instruction until they get it down.

This shows the child the rewards of being focused and paying attention. The improved concentration a child develops from learning a martial art carries over to other aspects of their lives like school work or listening to their parents. 


6) Improved Problem-Solving Skills

two bjj students working on their techniques doing class.

Beyond the physical aspect, martial art also develops problem-solving skills in your child and off the mats.

Learning martial arts improves a child’s analytical and problem-solving skills. Martial arts are more than simply throwing flashy techniques; it’s a game of chess that involves using your entire body. When two equally skilled children spar in the dojo, it becomes a battle of wits, and the child who’s better at analyzing things and coming up with solutions typically wins. 

The improved problem-solving skills will carry over into academics and stay with the child for the rest of their life. 


7) Lower Stress And Improved Mood

kid martial art confidence and happy

Martial arts offers your child a powerful stress-release outlet, fostering emotional well-being through positive channels.

Martial arts classes are a physical activity that leads to feel-good hormones being produced in the brain. These hormones improve a child’s mood and sleep quality, so they have all the energy they need for school and their martial arts training. 


Giving The Gift Of Martial Arts

Giving your child the best not only applies to what they want, but also what they need. Martial arts is perhaps one of the best gift for your kids, apart from reaping the physical benefits, they’ll also reap many other benefits that’ll give them an edge in school and even in life. Give Martial Arts a try! Who knows Martial Arts could just be what they need to bring out that inner warrior in them!


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