5 Reasons Why Martial Arts Is The Best Team-Building Activity For Companies

Don’t you just love it when you and your team at work accomplish something you’ve been working on for months? Like hitting that previously unimaginable KPI or finally securing that important account for the company?

This is because accomplishing goals and targets as a team is often more gratifying than doing it yourself. However, most companies don’t invest in team-building activities to increase team spirit in the office. Studies have shown that good teamwork actually helps employees feel empowered and contributes greatly to job satisfaction, which ultimately increases productivity.

So what is the best team-building activity out there? Today, Evolve Daily gives you 5 Reasons Why Martial Arts Is The Best Team-Building Activity For Companies:

1) It builds relationships and promotes communication


Team-building activities are good opportunities for employees to get to know one another better in a more relaxed and informal setting. Having people you can talk to and trust around you at work is one of the best ways to increase productivity in the office. It increases morale among employees and gives them the confidence to work better as a team to solve problems and achieve goals.

Martial arts training involves a lot of drills and exercises that requires you to work with different partners to achieve the best results. And what puts teamwork and effective communication into practice better than some challenging Muay Thai, Self-Defense or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu drills?


2) It keeps everyone fit and healthy


Having a good work-life balance is important for any working adult. So why not a team-building activity that also happens to be one of the best forms of exercise in the world? Martial arts is specifically designed to promote fitness and toughness even for recreational practitioners.

It also has the ability to help anyone burn up to 1,000 calories an hour! So with martial arts, employees will not only be better team players and workers; they’ll be trim, fit and healthy as well!


3) It is fun and relieves stress


Stress is one of the greatest inhibitors of productivity at work. The irony? Work is the most significant source of stress! Team-building activities take employees away from their screens and place them in a comfortable environment where they don’t have to worry about all those terrible deadlines and paperwork.

Nothing relieves stress more than a couple of rounds on the mats or punching mitts and pads. Martial arts is also simple to learn, safe, and fun for everyone; men, women, and children alike.


4) It develops problem-solving skills


Dealing with a problem at work can be one of the most stressful and challenging things if you don’t have problem-solving skills. Martial arts promotes unwavering focus and requires its practitioners to think strategically to solve problems. A good working team that is able to stay calm and think quickly on their feet when a crisis happens is definitely an invaluable asset for any company.


5) It promotes continuous self-improvement


Self-improvement is one of the most useful qualities you can possess in the working world. Setting goals and maximizing your potential to reach them are all skills that come from continuous self-improvement; skills that will no doubt help anyone to excel at their job.

Martial arts teaches anyone to accept that they will never fully become a master at what they do. It helps them realize that the only way to get better in martial arts or in life is with continuous hard work and dedication. And with an attitude like that, who knows how far you’ll go?


There’s no denying the benefits martial arts as a team-building activity can provide. It builds teamwork, character, and a never say die attitude. Which company doesn’t want an employee with all these qualities?

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