Here Are Some Simple Ways To Detox

Let’s face it. We don’t treat our bodies well enough – especially with the unhealthy choices we make: from the food and drinks we consume to the late nights out, our hectic schedules and more. Although it might not seem like a big deal when we do so from time to time, it actually takes a toll on our health. That’s why it’s so important to detox and cleanse our bodies.

Apart from keeping us healthy and happy, detoxing also plays a role in flushing out toxins and strengthening our immune systems. Want to find out more, or maybe even try it for yourself? Then read on.

Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 Simple Ways To Detox:

1) Start By Hydrating Yourself Properly


We sometimes underestimate the power of water. Besides keeping us hydrated, water also plays a part in helping our bodies to detox. This is because it helps to flush toxins out of your system, hence, enabling your organs and systems to function properly.

You might feel like you’re drinking enough water just because you don’t feel thirsty throughout the day, but 8 glasses is actually the bare minimum! So make it a point to increase your water intake if you wish to fully reap the health benefits.


2) Reach Out For Green Tea Instead Of Coffee


Apart from awakening your senses first thing in the morning, coffee has some pretty awesome benefits – when taken in moderation. When taken in excess, caffeine can give you headaches, insomnia and heart palpitations. In more severe cases, it could even lead to stomach ulcers and cardiac arrest. So make sure you don’t consume too much caffeine daily!

If you intend to detox, start by substituting that extra cup of coffee with green tea. At this point, you might be wondering why we’re asking you to replace coffee with green tea. After all, it contains caffeine as well. But here’s the thing: green tea also has antioxidants that helps your body with detoxing. What’s more, the caffeine in tea is gentler than the caffeine in coffee. This means you can still get your morning pick-me-up, but without the jitters.


3) Cut Down On Your Sugar Consumption


If you didn’t already know, sugar is incredibly harmful, especially when taken in excess. Apart from adding inches to your waistline and contributing to heart disease, it can also potentially give you cancer. Unfortunately, we sometimes reach out for ice cream or cookies when we’re having a bad day, or have a habit to munch on dessert after a meal.

In order to detox properly, it’s important for you to eliminate sugar, processed food, alcohol, and refined carbs – because all these fall under the “junk” category. By doing so, you’ll notice that you no longer feel lethargic, and have more energy throughout the day. Instead of these foods, munch on natural, whole foods such as fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meat, whole grains, nuts and seeds.


4) Schedule In An Extra Workout


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: regular exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. However, some people think it’s purely a weight loss solution and that the only benefit that comes from it is a toned physique. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Regular exercise promotes circulation in your blood and lymph system, as a result strengthening your body, reducing tension, and enhancing digestion. Whenever you engage in intense physical activity, you sweat out toxins and cleanse your body. That’s why it’s important to make exercise a part of your detox. It doesn’t matter whether you totally don’t exercise, or work out thrice a week – make it a point to schedule in an extra workout on top of what you already do, so you can help your body with the cleansing process.


5) Spend Some Time Just Relaxing


Yes, we know you’re busy – just like everyone else. That’s why relaxing or sleeping can sometimes seem like a luxury rather than a necessity. But you need to prioritize your sleep and make it a point to unwind everyday, so you don’t go to bed feeling stressed out.

When you lack sleep, your body wears down, and your immune system gets compromised. Also, you’ll feel tired, and as a result, not have the willpower to make healthy decisions and look after yourself properly. It is important for your body to repair itself while you rest so that you’d be ready to take on the next day. So give your body the chance to rest and rejuvenate, do more of what makes you feel happy and relaxed, and get 7 to 8 hours every night!


Now that you know what you can do to detox and keep your body healthy and strong, go forth and get into the greatest shape ever!

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