7 Reasons Why Clean Eating Changes Your Life Instantly

The battle of the bulge has never been more real. Most of us prefer the easy way out and opt for less nutritious, overly refined, hormone and additive filled food. Let’s face it, as easy as it is to pick up a meal at a hawker center or fast food restaurant, it is just as easy to prepare a clean, nutritious meal at home or pick up our phones and Google the nearest healthier option. And yet, we still prefer the less healthy option.

We often forget that what we eat fuels our body for our daily activities, giving us the energy to go to work and attend Muay Thai class. It is also the building blocks of our cells, which play a huge role in determining how healthy we really are. So it’s important that we always nourish our body with clean, nutritious food.

Still not convinced? Here’s 7 Reasons Why Clean Eating Changes Your Life Instantly:

 1) Because you’ll feel better.


The better you eat, the less sluggish you’ll feel. You’re actually feeding your body with a purpose, giving you more energy than you ever have in your life. Compare this with how you felt when you were eating overly processed food!


2) Because you’ll have less sick days.


Often times, we fall sick because we lack certain nutrients that our unhealthy diets just don’t provide. The better we eat, we improve our cholesterol levels, lower our blood pressure and give our body the chance to absorb more nutrients.


3) Because you’ll be able to workout more.


Ever wonder why you feel so tired after eating an unhealthy meal? Eating clean gives you energy you never knew you had, especially after years of eating junk food. Because of all this energy, a workout will feel like nothing to you. Eating clean also helps you rebuild muscles and recover faster after a grueling workout.


4) Because you’ll have awesome skin.


The cleaner you eat, the more nutrients you provide your skin. Protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin E – all these not only make your skin clearer but also gives it that healthy glow everyone wants.


5) Because you’ll never have any problems going to the bathroom.


It’s no secret that bad diets are often linked to constipation. This is because of the fiber that overly processed food just doesn’t have. Not only that, people who don’t eat well also don’t drink enough water, which also equals incontinence!


6) Because you’ll have the best cheat days.


Everyone wants to give in every once in awhile. Why not? We all deserve a little treat now and then. When you eat clean, you don’t have to worry about feeling bad about indulging in a guilty treat every now and then. And because you’ve been eating healthy, chances are, your cheat days will probably be healthy too.


 7) Because you’ll never be hungry.


People who eat healthy know that eating well and often (every 2.5-3 hours) keeps them satiated through the day. There’s less chance of going all out and eating 1-2 huge meals a day, which we all know just isn’t healthy. It also reduces cravings, which is always a plus!


Remember, eating clean is a lifestyle. Compared to a diet or a cleanse, it’s a way of life that you can easily adjust to for the long run. So tell us, when will you start eating clean?

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