Why Better Footwork Will Take Your Boxing To The Next Level

Learning the fundamentals in boxing is so essential to your development as a fighter and athlete. Once you have the basics down, it gets much easier to transition to the advanced stages of your training.

One aspect of boxing that is often overlooked, especially during the initial phase of training, is footwork. Footwork is so important in boxing, because it allows you to get in position to deliver your combinations with the highest chance to connect. It also allows you to maneuver yourself out of harm’s way when needed.

Good footwork means you are loose and your movement is not constricted. You can get to anywhere in the ring with ease, without having to consciously think about the process. Once you’ve trained your footwork to a certain level, movement becomes second nature to you.

Still not convinced? We’ve come up with a few reasons why you should take training your footwork seriously, and give it the time that it needs so you can be on your way to becoming an elite boxer.

If you haven’t paid much attention to developing your footwork, now is the time to do so. Improve your footwork, and your quality and skill as a fighter will increase exponentially.

Today, Evolve Daily shares four reasons better footwork will take your boxing to the next level.


1) Run Circles Around Your Opponents

Boxers with great footwork are able to maneuver themselves in and around their opponents’ range with ease.

Once you train your footwork, you acquire the ability to move side to side, pivot, and get in and out of range, usually with your opponents unable to keep up with the movement. An opponent with inferior footwork is often at a heavy disadvantage.

Footwork allows you to constantly source dominant angles from which to attack, and you’re not always attacking through the centerline. When you’re attacking from optimal angles, your opponent loses their line of sight, and you’re often outside of their vision. This creates the split-second openings you need so you can capitalize on momentary lapses in defense.

With good footwork, you can use your opponents’ own defense against them.

In addition, with good footwork, you can also execute effective feints that will keep your opponents on their toes, constantly guessing your next move.


2) Get In And Out Of Danger

In boxing, there is a unique and distinct ebb and flow when it comes to offense and defense. You’re either on the attack or on the defensive. Having good footwork ensures you minimize the risk on both ends, and get yourself in and out of danger when necessary.

The boxer who wins the range battle often wins the war. That’s why reach is so important. But more than reach, you can achieve the same effect with footwork.

The ability to move in and out of punching range is invaluable. With good footwork, you can swiftly shift between close quarters in-fighting to ranged out-fighting when necessary.

Against taller opponents, for example, in-fighting is recommended. Footwork will allow you to dart into close range and execute your combinations, and then quickly dart out of range to avoid retaliation and counters.

Against shorter opponents, footwork will allow you to operate from outside of your opponents’ punching range, picking them apart methodically.


3) Win The Positioning Battle

Footwork isn’t just about being able to move around the ring. Many people may not realize it, but there’s a constant battle of foot positioning happening every second of every round in boxing. Where you place your feet holds huge significance in the physical chess match that is pugilism.

On offense, you always want your lead foot on the outside of your opponents’, not on the inside. This will allow you to execute your offense, while providing an escape route after you’re done delivering the combination.

You’re always going to want to move in angles, and away from the centerline, and good footwork will get you there. Win the foot positioning battle, and you can control your opponents without even throwing a punch.


4) Control The Outcome With Ring Generalship

Ring generalship is one of the most important aspects of boxing, and it’s one of the main judging criterias when fights go the distance and to the scorecards. The ability of a boxer to control the ring, control the pace of a fight, and impose his will on the other fighter is essential to victory.

Ring generalship means being able to utilize the length of the boxing ring to your advantage, taking advantage of the ropes, the corners, to maneuver your opponents while bringing them back into the center of the ring to reset the action when things get tough.

On offense, ring generalship allows you to cut off the ring and limit your opponents’ space to move, trapping them against the ropes and into corners.

You can, of course, achieve ring generalship with good footwork. In fact, good footwork is the key to ring generalship. Practice moving your feet and your hands, and you’ll be able to control the opposition with ease.

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