3 HIIT Exercises For Beginners

Deciding to take your fitness seriously is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health. The acronym HITT stands for high-intensity interval training. It is a style of workout that involves short bursts of high-intensity exercises and short rest times. It burns up lots of calories in as little as 10 minutes, so there is no need to spend all day at the gym just to get into shape.

The key to getting the most out of your HIIT workouts is to exert maximum effort during your exercises and not cheating on your recovery periods. Start with exercises that you are already familiar with since you already know how to perform those with proper form.

HIIT classes are available in Singapore and many other places all over the globe. Many would describe it as the ideal workout for people with busy schedules, given how effective it can be at burning calories and building muscle.


Creating Your HIIT Exercise Plan

The beauty of HIIT workouts is how easily they can be integrated with different types of exercises. For example, if weight lifting is more your style, you can incorporate pretty much any weight lifting exercise into a HIIT program. You could superset bicep curls and pushdowns as one exercise and so on.

Similarly, if you are more into running, you can incorporate HIIT into your running routine by going full speed for 60 seconds, and jogging for the same amount of time.

Given how intense HIIT workouts are designed to be, warming up becomes even more important. A five to 10-minute jog or run is a great way to get your blood flowing and to prepare your body for intense physical activity.

Here’s a sample of what a complete HIIT workout plan should look like:



  • March or jog in place for about 30 to 60 seconds
  • While standing straight, circle your arms backward as if you were performing the backstroke for the same length of time
  • Perform a back lunge, side lunge, and front lunge with your left leg, then repeat the process with your right leg

That should be enough to get your blood flowing and your muscles loose. Let’s jump right into the workout.


10-Minute Workout

  • Stand in a striking position with your one foot in front of the other. Put your arms in a defensive position. Throw a jab and a cross using proper form and bring your hands to the starting position. Repeat using the opposite stance. Keep throwing these strikes for about a minute
  • Jumping jacks are also great for beginner HIIT routines. The exercise works out most muscles in the body, and it can be done virtually anywhere. To perform a jumping jack, stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your arms should be touching your sides. Now, jump up while spreading your feet further apart and raise your arms. If you find traditional humping jacks too challenging, try stepping side-to-side instead as you raise your arms
  • Sumo squats are simple to perform exercises that can be incorporated into your HIIT routine. To perform the movement, stand with your feet a bit further apart than your hips and keep your toes pointed at a 45-degree angle. Keep your chest upright, your back flat, and your weight on your heels. Lower yourself to the ground and go as low as you can. Activate your quads and glutes to get back to your starting position. Repeat for a minute and rest for 30 seconds


20-Minute Workout

prepare mentally exercise pull-up

A 20-minute HIIT workout will feel more challenging than a 10-minute workout, but you also get a chance to work out more muscle groups. Try performing as many reps as possible of each exercise during each 45-second interval, take a 15-second break, and repeat the exercise. Here are some great exercises for your 20-minute HIIT workout:

  • Push-ups are one of the best ways to target most of your upper body muscles. Start in a prone position with your hands shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be next to each other and your entire body should be straight. Lower your body towards the floor, then return to the starting position. If you find traditional push-ups to be too challenging, try performing them with your knees resting on the ground
  • Squats work most of the muscles in the lower body, and the motion burns off lots of calories. Stand with your knees slightly bent and a little further apart than your hips. Lower your body towards the floor, making sure you keep your feet underneath your hips and your weight on your heels
  • Dips are great for your triceps and shoulder muscles. To perform the exercise, place your hands on a stable table or chair with your back facing it. Stretch your legs outward, so your weight is mostly on the table/chair. Bending your elbows, lower yourself as far as possible and return to the starting position
  • Side lunges are another great exercise for the legs, and they are simple to perform. With you weight on your heels, step to a side, and perform a deep lateral lunge. Make sure your knees are above your toes when performing the exercise. Repeat on the other side


30-Minute Workout

home workout fat burn

A 30 minute HIIT workout will push your body to its max, but you’ll burn more calories than you would burn performing conventional exercises like running for an hour. Use the same warm-up used for the earlier workouts and combine all of the exercises from the two previous workouts.


So if you’re looking to boost your weight loss efforts and get the most out of each workout, consider HIIT and watch yourself rapidly transform! Sign up for a trial class today!

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