5 Things That Martial Artists Wished Their Parents Understood

Because of what we see in the media, martial arts can sometimes have a bad reputation with parents, especially if they don’t know much about martial arts. If you’ve been training martial arts for awhile, you might have dealt with your parents’ disapproval at some point; or if you’re a parent and your child trains martial arts, then perhaps you have some concerns.

The thing about martial arts is that there’s so much more to it than meets the eye. Unfortunately, it’s often misunderstood and written off because of these misconceptions. Read on to get a better understanding of what martial arts really is and how training changes lives for the better.

Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 Things That Martial Artists Wished Their Parents Understood:

1) Martial arts won’t make one violent

BJJ is a great way to bully-proof your kids.

Contrary to popular belief, martial arts actually does not promote violence – in fact, it does the opposite. It cultivates peace and teaches practitioners to respect not just their instructors but also their peers and themselves. What’s more, it also teaches them to stay calm in various situations and walk away from confrontations. That means the only time martial artists tap into their knowledge and execute the techniques they’ve learned in class is in a self-defense situation where they have no other choice of avoiding it.


2) The techniques learned can be applied to real-life situations

Speaking of which, did you know that the self-defense techniques learned in class can also be utilized in the real world, should danger strike? So, if your son or daughter has decided to dedicate a portion of his or her time to training martial arts, then perhaps you should know that it is an essential life skill that might someday save his/her (or even your) life! After all, safety is something we must never take for granted – even if we live in the safest places in the world.


3) Training every day is way better for the body than not training at all

A martial arts gym is a workshop of self-improvement.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the martial arts gym has become a second home for your son or daughter because he/she trains almost every day. And while it might seem like a lot for someone who isn’t as active, it does wonders for one’s overall health. After all, our bodies were not built for sedentary lifestyles – which can actually cause harm to our bodies in the long term.

Besides the fact that regular training will keep your son or daughter active, it will also help him/her get stronger – both physically and mentally. What’s more, martial arts can also improve their immune system and enable them to get into the best shape ever.


4) Being at the gym can really turn a bad day around

This reason could be why your son or daughter enjoys training so much. Apart from the endorphin rush that you get from a martial arts class, it also has the power to boost your mood and lower stress levels. So don’t be surprised if you notice your son or daughter training a lot more than usual when they’re going through tough times or stressful periods at work/school or in life in general.


5) Training builds mental strength and discipline

A martial arts program develops a person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As we mentioned in #3, martial arts will make your son or daughter a stronger person, from the inside out. So don’t be quick to underestimate their training capacity and assume that training is too much for them to handle. Martial arts is adaptable to a person’s experience level and fitness level. Complete beginners are able to ease into training and can ramp up the intensity once they are ready. After all, they understand their bodies best. And we’re pretty sure they will also learn to listen to their bodies and rest when the need arises.

Besides that, martial arts will also instill discipline and grit in your children. It might seem to be an uphill battle, especially because it looks so challenging, but trust us when we say that your son or daughter genuinely enjoys this journey – and will probably train for life!


If you’re dealing with parents who don’t quite understand your training and your love for martial arts, or if your son or daughter has expressed interest in pickup up martial arts but am not quite sure what it is all about, this article will help explain what martial arts is all about.

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