Here’s How Martial Arts Will Help You Sleep Better

Do you have issues sleeping? Whether it’s insomnia or the ability to stay asleep throughout the night, the struggle to get enough ZZZ’s is real. Unfortunately, when you don’t get enough quality sleep every night, your body won’t have the chance to effectively repair itself – hence, you become more vulnerable to illnesses. What’s more, you are also more likely to gain weight, struggle staying alert, and also become more forgetful.

Because sleep is so important for our health, we should definitely make it a priority to get 7 to 9 hours of quality rest every night. (Yes, even though it is super tempting to watch another episode of your favorite TV series!)

Today, Evolve Daily shares 4 Ways Martial Arts Can Give You A Better Night’s Sleep:

1) It improves the quality of your sleep

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enables a small person to overcome bigger, stronger opponents.

There’s no doubt that you will feel more tired when bedtime rolls around, especially after powering through an intense martial arts class earlier in the day. After all, you will be pushing yourself – both physically and mentally – during that hour in the gym.

Research has found that exercise plays a role in improving the quality of your sleep. For starters, you will be able to fall asleep faster and also stay asleep throughout the night – after you work out. Experts agree that every stage of sleep is equally important and necessary. When your body is deprived of one stage, it will attempt to balance things out by devoting more time to that stage the next time you go to sleep.

When you make it a point to exercise regularly, the amount of time you spend in each sleep stage changes, hence, rebalancing it back to normal. Pssst! There’s a reason why regular exercise is one of the ways you can adjust a messed up body clock!


2) It helps you to de-stress

A single Muay Thai class can help you burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to fall asleep when there are a thousand things to worry about – whether it’s your workload, bills, or the outcome of a recent test. Unfortunately, we all have to deal with stress at some point, whether we like it or not. The thing is, being stressed out can actually prevent you from having a good night’s rest.

But before you let that piece of news stress you out further, fret not, because there’s a way to kick stress in the butt: by training martial arts. Apart from being a great way to release your negative energy, martial arts will also boost your body’s endorphin production. Hence, you will feel more relaxed after your workout, and as a result, sleep better at night.


3) It boosts your energy levels during the day

Strength and conditioning is a great way to supplement your martial arts training.

Do you tend to hit a midday slump, or maybe feel sluggish in the afternoon? And more importantly, when this happens, do you take naps? As satisfying as naps are in the moment, they actually prevent you from getting quality rest at night – when your body is repairing itself, so that you can take on the following day.

It has been found that regular exercise can help reduce daytime sleepiness. Thus, you will be less likely to oversleep in the afternoon and mess up your sleep cycle. What’s more, training martial arts will help keep your energy levels up all day. So, taking an afternoon nap will no longer be necessary for you to recharge.


4) It encourages you to make healthier choices

Song Ka Yeon from the Evolve Fight Team works on her striking.

When you lack sleep, there’s a higher chance that you will overindulge in unhealthy fast food or sugary treats, as it is your body’s way of trying to get more energy. The thing is, sometimes these unhealthy foods prevent you from getting that much needed quality sleep! And when you continue to be sleep deprived and munch on these foods, it becomes a vicious cycle.

Fortunately, training martial arts will change this. It has been reported that study subjects who were more physically active ate the most fruit and vegetables, as compared to those who didn’t exercise as much. Because exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet both contribute to the same end goal (better health), it has been found that people are able to switch between them easily.

Once regular exercise and a balanced diet become a big part of your life, you will definitely be able to get your essential quality rest.


Are you ready to start catching those much needed ZZZ’s? Why not try a class and see what happens!

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