Practicing These Habits Will Help You Improve 1% A Day

Continuous self-improvement has long been known to be one of the main pillars of martial arts. The Japanese call this “kaizen”, and originally developed it to help businesses improve and flourish. However, it is also applicable to our daily lives. As goal-setters, we are constantly searching for the best way to achieve our goals.

According to kaizen, instead of making big, radical changes, we should settle on focusing on small, daily improvements. These small goals are easier to achieve, and therefore much more doable. Regardless of what it’s called, or whether you practice martial arts or not, continuous self-improvement should definitely be a part of your life. If you’ve been wondering how to go about it, look no further. Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 Ways To Improve 1% A Day:


1) Start today, not tomorrow  

Stretching is a great way to warm-up before a martial arts class.

So you’ve made the decision to become a better version of yourself, but you’re not sure when to start. We’ll help you with that – you should start today! The sooner you start, the faster you’ll reap the benefits. If you keep on putting it off till tomorrow, the chances of you actually starting are very slim. In the future, when you look back at your decision, trust us, you’ll wish you started sooner than you did!


2) Be patient  

The knee is one of the most devastating weapons in Muay Thai.

Remember the saying: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? Same thing goes for you. Kaizen only works if you allow yourself to grow. You can’t expect a total change in a matter of days. Kaizen takes time, and you’ll get the most benefit out of it at the very end of your journey. Decide on what small thing you can start doing to improve your life. Stay disciplined and make kaizen a priority in your life. By using this approach, you’ll be able to work on several small goals instead of one big goal.


3) Start small

Think of the goals you want to achieve and think about the small steps you can make to get there. And when you’ve figured that out, try to make it even smaller. For example, if you want to lose weight, you can start by cutting out your nightly bar of chocolate, or even just cutting your portion of rice in half. Before you know it, you’ll eventually cut out everything that’s unhealthy in your diet, bringing you so much closer to achieving your goal!


4) Do it better the next time

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is also known as “The Gentle Art”.

Although it may be tempting to get impatient and start making bigger goals, the key to kaizen is constant progression. You need to take it slow and steady, and most importantly, you need to be consistent. Make your increases gradual; do a little bit better than you did the day before. Yes, it will take time to see improvements, and you may feel frustrated because you aren’t seeing any changes. Just hang on and keep on going, you’ll get there soon!


5) Keep it up!

The objective of your BJJ training should be to obtain complete mastery of ground control and submissions.

Once you’ve finally reached your goal, you should figure out a way to make it sustainable for the rest of your life. Did you lose the weight you wanted? Keep on exercising and eating all that healthy food. Did you get that BJJ belt you’ve been wanting? Keep on training and see where it will take you. Are you waking up earlier? Keep it up; maybe you could start adding exercise to your new routine.


Remember, the path to self-improvement isn’t always straightforward. There are many forks, bumps, and potholes in the road that you’ll have to pass. It’s difficult, but making the decision to try is a start. And once you start, you’ll have to keep it up – it’s a process that never ends. If you want to maintain all the progress you’ve made, you need to keep on doing what brought you that success. Don’t get comfortable – you’re always a work in progress!

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