Single Ladies, Here Are 7 Reasons Why Martial Arts Is Better Than A Boyfriend

Perhaps you’ve just watched Bridget Jones for the hundredth time, or felt like a third / fifth wheel when your friends brought their +1s along for that dinner. Well, you don’t always have to feel awful about singlehood – despite what society tells you. So why not put down that pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and start burning rather than consuming calories! We promise you’ll feel better after an intense martial arts class!

As for those who have been enjoying singlehood, keep focusing on yourself and doing what you’re doing. And if you haven’t started training martial arts yet, why not give it a shot and see how things go? After all, you wouldn’t know what you’re missing if you don’t try! Regardless of whether you’re happily single, or newly heartbroken, one thing’s for sure – martial arts is way better than boys.

Not convinced? Then read on to discover 7 Reasons Why Martial Arts Is Better Than A Boyfriend:

1) Martial arts would never blame PMS whenever you get emotional

You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a 60 minute Muay Thai class.

The problem with guys is that they sometimes (okay, maybe most of the time) attribute your moodiness to your period when there’s a genuine reason why you’re upset or angry in the first place. Unfortunately, this only makes things worse.

Well, martial arts would never do this to you. In fact, training would actually help you feel better whenever you’re moody, due to the endorphin rush you’ll get after an intense session! And for those who actually suffer from PMS, it can help ease those symptoms.


2) Martial arts would never disappoint you

The americana lock is also known as the bent armlock, keylock, top wristlock, figure four armlock in catch wrestling, and ude garami in judo.

In a relationship, there would definitely be times when your boyfriend disappoints you or lets his ego get in the way. Sometimes, hurtful words would be exchanged and the damage would be irreversible – even when things go back to being okay. It isn’t like this with martial arts though, because no matter what happens, it would always be there for (rather than against) you. All you have to do is decide to go to the gym and actually spend that hour training.


3) Martial arts would always brighten your day

Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Orono Wor Petchpun teaches at Evolve MMA.

As we mentioned in #1, martial arts would boost your body’s endorphins. Hence, you would always feel great – even if you were having a terrible day before training. What’s more, martial arts can help you to de-stress, so you can kick all that negative energy in the butt and feel better!


4) Martial arts would never cancel on you

Shadowboxing improves your balance and coordination.

Ever dealt with the frustration of being cancelled on by your boyfriend because he wants to stay home and play his video games, or whatever other reason? We at Evolve Daily completely understand what it’s like to be cancelled on at the last minute, and that’s why we believe that martial arts is better – because it would never do this to you. If your training plans fall through, it would be because you were the one who chose to postpone your training.


5) Martial arts would keep you in shape

In BJJ, size doesn’t matter because smaller people can overcome stronger, bigger opponents via technique and leverage.

It’s no secret that training martial arts would help sculpt your body and melt away that pesky fat… Unlike your boyfriend who might choose to have junk food or stay in and order that pizza for dinner. Also, there’s a higher chance you would make healthier lifestyle choices after training, so as to keep your body in tip top condition. Thus, you would be well on your way to becoming your healthiest, fittest self – when you choose to train martial arts.


6) Martial arts would never get bored of you

Sparring is a great way to take your training to the next level.

As much as we hate to admit it, there are certain times when we might get bored of our significant others. Especially after being together for so long, and getting a tad too comfortable with each other. Well, for those who have ever felt lousy and/or inadequate because your boyfriend got bored of you and moved on to greener pastures, fret not – because you’re so much more than that. And no matter what, martial arts would never get bored of you. In fact, it’s only a matter of whether you’re the one who would get bored of it.


7) Martial arts would always love you back

ONE Women’s Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee trains hard at the Evolve MMA Fighters Program.

Besides never getting bored of you, martial arts will always love you back – by keeping you fit and healthy, and toughening you up in more ways than one. So why not create your own happiness and start training martial arts instead of spending all that time on your quest to find your other half?


Are you now convinced that martial arts is better than a boyfriend? Why not head to your nearest martial arts gym and find out for yourself!

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