3 Things Your Martial Arts Instructors Wish You Did Before, During, and After Class

Have you ever wondered what goes inside the minds of our beloved martial arts instructors? They work almost every day, unrelenting to tired legs and arms from long hours of helping us become better, stronger, faster, and fitter versions of ourselves.

They are responsible for making warriors out of ordinary people. Through their passion, perseverance, and patience, they have changed many lives for the better.

As students, our job is to listen and learn, and apply their teachings not only inside the martial arts gym, but also outside of it in our everyday lives. Being a martial artist requires a lot of discipline and focus. It takes a lot of mental and physical preparation to enter training and be in optimal condition to accept the lessons that are ready to be taught.

There is a multitude of things we can do to maximize our martial arts training. There are also specific things we can focus on to help our teachers better deliver us their knowledge and experience.

Let’s explore what we can do to help them help us win. Today, Evolve Daily goes inside the minds of our coaches to share three things they wish we did before, during, and after class.


1) Come Prepared Physically and Mentally


Martial arts develops focus.

While your presence and total effort is really what counts when clocking in training hours, it would benefit you a lot if you go to the gym prepared and well-equipped. Not only is it embarrassing to habitually turn up without the right gear in tow, but it also reflects how dedicated you really are to your chosen discipline.

A lot of athletes and coaches know that having the right gear is quintessential to their performance in the ring.

Your coaches would also appreciate it if you would dress properly for the training. It is not really necessary that you come in dressed head to toe in name brand clothing or athleisure wear, just wear something comfortable, breathable, and lightweight to help you move freely as you train.

Being prepared also means coming in mentally ready for hard work. Martial arts training is no easy ordeal, and requires great focus and dedication. The last thing instructors want is a student who isn’t willing to participate.

Take some time before each session to mentally prepare for a tough hour or so. When your instructors know you’re willing to commit, they can give you their full attention.


2) Follow Gym Etiquette


Respect is one of martial arts’ core values.

Easily overlooked, gym etiquette is something all instructors and regular students expect from one another. Some rules are unspoken, and some could be quite obvious. Just think of all the rules your kindergarten teacher has set in your class before.

Be nice to others — show consideration by not hogging all the gym space and equipment for yourself.

Clean up and return what you used back to their original place. A cluttered workout area will get in others’ way, and someone will have to eventually pick up after you.

Use your indoor voice: Nobody likes to share a class with a boisterous and inconsiderate person.


3) Take Care of Our Bodies

muay thai workout

Muay Thai helps people develop self-discipline.

Observe the proper nutrition. It can’t be overstated.

Physical activity is just a fraction of the solution if your goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While martial arts training is an amazing way to boost your metabolism and get your heart pumping, it still matters what you fuel your body with.

Many athletes say that this is the most difficult part of their routine as the temptation is all around you, and sometimes eating junk or fast food seems to be the most convenient option. As martial artists, we have to follow a well-balanced diet.

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. If you constantly feed yourself with junk and food with little to no nutritional value, your body will feel the brunt of it. It would be very likely for you to get tired easily or feel sluggish during training. You will feel bloated in your classes when there’s too much sodium in your diet, causing you to feel uncomfortable and queasy.

If you feed your body wholesome food that nourishes the warrior within, you will feel a lot better, lighter, and livelier in class.

This is something that you have to be accountable for. Your instructors can only do so much in the gym, it is your mission to supplement your training with the proper food.

Get some rest. Getting 6-9 hours of shuteye every night is important not just to your health but to your athletic performance.

Individuals who are sleep deprived are risking their aerobic endurance and may be more affected by stress during the day. During sleep, the body releases growth hormones. These hormones are important as they repair and build muscles, support bone growth, and promote the oxidation of fats.

If you miss out on some good night’s sleep, you lose all of these benefits of training or do not reap them fully.

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