5 Common Mistakes Most People Make When Trying To Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most common fitness goals people have. We all want a lean, healthy physique that allows us to enjoy a high quality of life. Unfortunately, losing weight isn’t always easy. It can actually be very tough. That’s partly because of all the misinformation out there about dieting and such.

It’s possible to find yourself in a position where you feel like you’re doing everything properly as far as your fitness is concerned, yet fail to see the desired results.

The goal of this article is to ensure you do not end up in that position. Let’s go over some common mistakes people make that can prevent them from getting the most out of their weight-loss programs:

1) Focusing too much on your weight


Martial arts develops focus.

Physical fitness is measured by a handful of things, but most people tend to focus on their weight. The problem is; when you start a new fitness program, you can easily become discouraged if you do not see significant changes on the scale. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t becoming fitter because of your new workout or diet.

In addition, your weight is affected by many different factors like how much fluid and food is in your system. Your weight typically fluctuates by as much as four pounds daily depending on how much food and fluids you have in you when you step on the scale.

Also, hormonal changes – like increased estrogen levels in women – can lead to increased water retention, meaning you weigh more when you step on the scale.

When you step on the scale and don’t see any results, there’s no need to panic and give up on your new fitness program. You might actually be losing fat and simply holding on to more water. Instead of relying solely on a scale as a measure of how effective your workout routine is, try other things like taking pictures every other week and measuring your waist with tape. This will give you a clearer picture of the effectiveness of your workout routine.


2) Not consuming enough calories

10 Foods To Build Muscle!

WATCH: 10 Foods To Build Muscle!


Posted by Evolve MMA on Sunday, June 25, 2017

When trying to improve your personal fitness, it is very important that you consume the right amount of calories daily. If weight loss is your main goal, you need to burn more calories than you consume each day. This is known as a calorie deficit.

For a while, nutritionists believed a 3500 calorie deficit per week led to a .45 kg loss of fat, but more recent studies indicate that each person has their own unique calorie deficit you should be aiming for.

We all have a tendency to underestimate how many calories we take in each day, so you need to be particularly diligent when trying to figure out what your calorie deficit should be.

Alternatively, not consuming enough calories also has its negative effects. Studies indicate that low-calorie diets can slow down your metabolism and cause muscle deterioration. A slow metabolism makes it harder for you to lose weight, while muscle breakdown weakens your body and reduces your gains.


3) Not getting the right amount of exercise

When you lose weight, you’re going to end up losing some muscle mass with all that fat. However, there are things you can do to minimize this muscle loss like exercising.

Exercising doesn’t only help you lessen muscle loss, it also prevents your metabolism from slowing down, thus allowing you to burn more fat. As a general rule, the more lean muscle you have, the easier it is for you to lose weight and maintain it.

Once you start a new workout routine, make sure not to overdo it in the beginning. Listen to your body and ease into things. Trying to force weight loss by exercising obsessively will end up doing more harm than good. A good workout like attending martial arts classes a few times a week and some weight lifting is more than enough to keep your metabolism at optimal levels.

The key to getting the most out of your weight loss program is getting the right amount of exercise to complement your diet.


4) Not eating enough fiber

10 Super Foods!

WATCH: 10 Super Foods!


Posted by Evolve MMA on Saturday, August 26, 2017

A diet that is low in fiber isn’t good for your weight loss goals. When you consume food items that contain vicious fiber, your appetite is reduced thanks to a gel that’s formed by the fiber that retains water. This gel slowly works its way through your digestive tract, keeping hunger at bay.

All types of fiber are beneficial for good health and weight loss, but vicious fiber is the most advantageous type.

Besides making you feel full, fibrous foods also reduce the amounts of calories that are absorbed from the food you consume. Some studies indicate that doubling the amount of fiber you ingest may lead to around 130 calories or more not being absorbed from your diet.

When you sit down to come up with a diet that takes you towards your fitness goals, make sure it contains lots of fiber. You’ll spend less time craving your favorite foods when your belly feels full.


5) Not adding weight lifting to your routine


BJJ World Champion Leandro Issa from the EVOLVE Fight Team lifts weights at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

Your weight loss program isn’t complete without resistant training. Lifting weights isn’t just for people looking to pack on muscle, it’s for anyone who wants to get in shape. Weight training improves your body composition, and it helps you remove those extra layers of fat around your belly.

You’ll burn around 150 calories during each session, and it will boost your metabolism. That means your body keeps burning fat at a faster rate even when you leave the gym.


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