5 Quick Ways To Relieve Stress

Whether we realize it or not, stress affects our lives significantly in more ways than one.

Sometimes, we are a little too busy with our work that we forget to take a breather. Stress is one of the worst things about the grind. It can last for weeks and months and weaken our immune system, cause high blood pressure, fatigue, and depression. It can put us in a bad mood, decrease the quality of life, and damage our health in irreversible ways.

High-pressure workdays, long and tiring commutes, the lack of sleep and exercise — these are only some of the things that cause stress in our lives, and they take the fun out of every day.

Simply put, stress is bad for us. Luckily, we can take action.

We have the power right now, to turn our lives around and make better decisions, managing our stress levels and improving our productivity. Just sit back and relax, you definitely deserve it, and it’s good for you. Relieving stress takes less time than you think.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a much-needed vacation or blow your cash at the spa.

Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 Quick Things We Can Do Throughout The Day To Relieve Stress.

1) Go to a martial arts class

BJJ class

The friendships made through martial arts are priceless.

If you aren’t already familiar with martial arts’ ability to enhance the mind, body, and spirit, then maybe you should consider signing up for a class.

Martial arts is the perfect activity to relieve stress because it gives you a jolt of energy through physical exercise, allows you to tune into your body through meditation and breathing techniques, and increases your overall health and vitality.

Enjoy the exhilarating pace of Muay Thai. Become enamored with the science of grappling in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Learn the intricacies of weight and gravity leveraging in wrestling. Whichever martial art you choose to pursue, your body will thank you for it.

Not only will martial arts enhance your physical well-being, but it will also improve your social life. Meet new friends and build lasting relationships with your gym mates. Have loads of fun in each session, learning and experiencing new techniques. Joining a martial arts class will be the best decision you have ever made.

It is the perfect stress-reliever after a long and tiring day at work. Martial arts will take your mind away from the clutter, and push you into a serene space of zen.


2) Breathe deeply and meditate

Bruno Pucci BJJ

2x BJJ World Champion and ONE Superstar Bruno Pucci used martial arts to get stronger and healthier as a child.

Take a few minutes out of each day to practice your breathing and meditate. Research has proven that daily meditation can alter the brain’s neural pathways, making us more resilient to stress. Meditation has long been one of the key methods of stress relief and for good reason — because it actually works.

Sit up straight, take a deep breath, inhale, and then exhale. Place your hand on your belly and slowly inhale through your nose, exhaling through the mouth to feel every bit of oxygen passing through your lungs.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself floating in space with nothing but peace and tranquility in your mind. Don’t let what’s happening around you distract you from just floating by like clouds in your thoughts. 15 minutes a day will do wonders.

Deep breathing counters the effects of stress by reducing the heart rate and decreasing blood pressure.


3) Search for silence

This is very important. Reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve done by sitting in complete and utter silence for 30 minutes a day.

Strive to find that special place in the city. It could be a nice and quiet hotel lobby or cafe, or perhaps reading a good book at the library or even a pleasant stroll at the park. Wherever you are at peace and away from the things that bring stress to your life, visit that place each day and search for silence.

Slow down, decrease your pace, and take a breather. Focus on how the air feels on your face when you’re walking, or how your feet hit the ground in your stride. Enjoy the fresh air, the sounds of life moving around you. Pay attention to your senses and take some more deep breaths while you’re at it.

Silence in our daily lives is extremely important. Focus on slowing things down and letting go of all your worries, even for just a short period each day.


4) Spend some “me” time

Perhaps the most important gift you can give to yourself is some well-deserved “me time”. After 10 hours at work, the time we spend on our daily commute, the time we spend doing chores and cleaning up after ourselves, taking care of our family, we deserve some rest and relaxation.

Go out and get a massage. Catch the latest movie. Sit back and relax at home and catch up on your favorite TV series. Play video games. Go out to your favorite restaurant and indulge in your favorite cuisine.

Whatever tickles your fancy, do it, because it’s very important that you focus on the things that entertain you and make you happy.

When we are having fun and enjoying our time, we release happy hormones that send an electric response all throughout our body. By giving yourself your own personal time, you are able to do what you want to do, even if that means doing nothing at all.


5) Get a good night’s sleep

Korean Superstar Song Ka Yeon from the Evolve Fight Team has black belts in Judo, Taekwondo, and Hapkido.

Lastly, the most effective reliever of stress is a good night’s sleep.

It is very tempting to continue working while we’re at home. After all, we can do so much with our free time that will make the next work day a lot easier. But it is also very important to focus on getting ample amount of rest, so don’t forget to get some shut eye.

While everyone knows that stress can cause an individual to lose sleep, not many people know that lack of sleep can, in turn, cause us lots of stress. This vicious cycle causes the brain and body to lose sync, and it only gets worse over time.

Turn the television off earlier. Put down your phone and get off social media. Dim the lights and reward yourself with ample time to rest before falling asleep. Six to eight hours a day will suffice for the average adult.

Getting a good night’s sleep can help reduce the effects of stress on the body. Better sleep equates to a better quality of life and generally better health overall.


With all that’s going on in our lives, stress is definitely something that is completely unwelcome. Try these five easy things today and get rid of stress once and for all! If you need an endorphin rush to rid you of your stress, try a martial arts class today and tackle your stress head-on.


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