6 Life Changing Surprises After Your First 30 Days Of Martial Arts

When you think about the life changing benefits of martial arts, the first thing that comes to mind would probably be that of a lean, muscular body. After all, you will be spending countless hours in the gym drilling, training, and maybe even sparring. Hence, it comes as no surprise that you will be toning those muscles and burning fat.

But are you aware that there are other amazing things that will happen to you within the first month of training? Today, Evolve Daily shares 6 Life Changing Surprises After Your First 30 Days Of Martial Arts:

1) You start stepping out of your comfort zone more

ONE Superstars Yodsanan Sityodtong and Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke work on their grappling at the Evolve MMA Fighters Program.

When you progress in your martial arts journey, your confidence will grow by leaps and bounds. Apart from enabling you to take charge of your life, you will also be able to embrace change and thrive outside your comfort zone. So don’t be surprised when you catch yourself trying unexpected things that scare you and help you overcome your fears.


2) Your body’s ability to melt away fat improves

ONE Women’s Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee trains hard at the Evolve Fighters Program.

The more you train, the more effectively your body is able to zap away fat. This is because you will build lean muscle from your training, and as a result be able to increase your resting metabolic rate. The more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate will be – that means you will be burning more calories when you do your day-to-day activities like walking, or even when you’re resting!


3) You become a happier person

Heavy bag work is a great way to build strength and endurance for Muay Thai and Boxing.

If you’re constantly stressed out by work, school, or life in general, then perhaps it’s time to combat the stress by training martial arts! Apart from being a healthy outlet for you to vent your frustrations, training will give you an endorphin rush. As a result, you will always feel better after an intense training session – even if you were in the worst mood when you entered the gym.

According to research, exercise has the power to keep depression at bay. This is all thanks to the fact that exercise increases the level of neurotransmitters that get depleted in the brains of people who have anxiety and depression.


4) You learn to take charge of your life

BJJ is a great way to bully-proof your children.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s no secret that you will have increased self-confidence after seeing yourself progress as a martial artist. After all, it’s not easy to master those techniques – but you will persevere and eventually manage to grasp them.

With this confidence and the understanding that you’re the master of your own fate, there’s no doubt that you will stop blaming external factors and start taking control of what you have power over (such as the way you choose to handle various situations). Hence, you will be in charge of your life, and there’s no doubt you will go on to achieve great things.


5) You become younger, from the inside out

The roundhouse kick is a fundamental strike in Muay Thai.

Training martial arts will increase your ability to focus, as well as improve your memory and sharpen your cognitive skills. Hence, it is good for your brain! Apart from that, it improves your immune system and lowers your risk of getting various diseases. Thus, it keeps your body in tip-top condition.

Have we mentioned that training martial arts will also help you sleep better? Hence, your body will be able to repair itself effectively and of course, you will wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated every day.


6) You will learn to embrace the journey

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enables a small person to overcome bigger, stronger opponents.

At the beginning, you might be in a rush to make progress or reach all your goals. However, this will change over time – especially when you understand that nothing worth having comes easy. Also, when you interact with your coaches and training buddies, you will get inspired to work on becoming 1% better every day. You’ll realize that every step of the journey matters as much as the destination and that the most important thing to do is to keep moving forward no matter how tough things get.


In just 30 days of training, there are so many benefits to reap – and the best part is that you can carry them over to your everyday life. Ready to evolve into the best version of yourself? Why not try a class today!

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