Follow These 4 Hacks And You’ll Never Be Late Again

If you’re one of those people who always shows up late to class, this one’s for you. You know those dirty looks you get from your instructor and the rest of your teammates when you show up halfway through warm-ups? Well, they have every reason to be disappointed in you. If all of them were able to make it to class on time – so should you.

We get it, you have a life outside of BJJ/Muay Thai/Boxing and sometimes, being late is simply unavoidable. Well, for all those other times that your time-management skills just aren’t at par with your grappling skills, it’s time to get to work. After all, discipline, one of the core values of martial arts, is one of the main factors that lead to timeliness. Before you set your alarm at a deafening level, read on and find out how you can get your time-management skills in order.

Today, Evolve Daily shares 4 tips to always get to class on time:


1) Be honest with yourself

It’s easy to pin the blame on external factors that may or may not exist, but admitting that you have a problem with tardiness brings you one step closer to being punctual. Think about all the times you’ve been late to class. Did you miss out on the warm-up again? Did you have to sit the class out and just watch from the sides because you were just too late?

Remember how bad you felt for doing so? Now that you’ve established that lateness is something that can affect you negatively, it’s also like admitting to yourself that it’s something that you need to fix.


2) Know why you’re late

Just another awesome WarriorFit class at Evolve MMA!

For every person that’s perpetually late, there’s always a reason, either good or bad, why they can’t be prompt. Studies show that there are some people who are just absentminded and some who get a kick out of rushing in at the last minute. Figure out the reason why you’re late – is it because you’re bad at scheduling? Because you’re always finding extra things to do before you have to leave? Decide whether those things are essential or not and cut them out if they aren’t. There’s usually never a good reason to be late.


3) Prepare ahead

Boxing is one of the oldest and most efficient combat sports.

Remember how your parents would always nag you to prepare your homework and clothes for school the next day so that you wouldn’t miss the bus? Well, it turns out that they were right all along. Preparing ahead of time will always ensure that you’re ready for anything. Also, being prepared will cut out a lot of those last minute to-do’s which could attribute to your lateness.


4) Always give yourself extra time

Nothing beats the endorphin rush of an awesome martial arts class!

When planning your schedule, you should always give yourself more time than you expect. This way, being punctual is almost a certain thing. As you’ve probably noticed, things don’t always go as planned. You never know when there might be train delays or construction on the road. Also, giving yourself extra time means you’ll be less stressed out than usual. And if you arrive to class early enough, you’ll be able to squeeze some drills in. If that isn’t a bonus, we don’t know what else is!


So, here’s the challenge: if you find yourself constantly late for class, why not take these tips on a road test for at least a week? We guarantee you’ll feel more in control and less anxious about making it on time. Embrace the way martial arts instills discipline in you. Also, being punctual will make you feel like a responsible student, which will definitely earn you extra brownie points with your instructor. Good luck!

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