Here’s How Martial Arts Can Give You A Fresh Start

We’ve all been there before: rock bottom. Maybe you lost your job, ended a relationship, or simply feel like you’ve hit a dead end. Whatever it is, you probably wish that you can start over again, on a fresh page. The thing is, you might not be sure how to go about doing so. Well, let us just remind you that when you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way left to go is up.

Ready to take that first step towards a new beginning? Then why not head to your nearest martial arts gym! Trust us; training will really help make the process better. Today, Evolve Daily reveals 5 Ways Martial Arts Can Give You A Fresh Start:

1) It gives you the strength and courage to start over

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enables a small person to overcome bigger, stronger opponents.

You are not your difficult times, your setbacks, or your failures. Although you don’t realize it, sometimes you’re the only one holding yourself back – by focusing on your flaws and weaknesses. When you do, you’re actually preventing yourself from getting that fresh start you deserve, because you’re getting in your own way.

Fortunately, this will change when you train martial arts. This is because martial arts empowers you to take charge of your life and ultimately become a master of your own fate. Also, it will teach you to thrive outside your comfort zone and of course, toughen you up physically and mentally. Hence, you will make it a point to always pick yourself up as quickly as you can, every time you fall. More importantly, you will be brave enough to start afresh – even if it means letting go of whatever you know and doing something completely foreign.


2) It enables you to be present in every moment

Heavy bag work is a great way to build strength and endurance for Muay Thai.

It’s no secret that harping on about the past does nothing but make you feel worse in the present, and possibly even affect your future. After all, you can’t cry over spilled milk. So if you’re letting the past weigh you down, it is going to be very difficult to start over, especially if your mind and heart aren’t in the present.

Training martial arts will teach you to focus on whatever’s in front of you, and more importantly, to be present in every moment. This is because when you let yourself get distracted, you will be putting yourself in a vulnerable position – whether on the mats or in the ring. Once you learn to take your mind off the past and be present, you’ll be able to make every moment count and start your next chapter on a good note.


3) It develops your self-confidence

Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Orono Wor Petchpun teaches at Evolve MMA.

As you progress in your martial arts journey, your self-confidence will grow. After all, you will have the knowledge and skill to protect yourself in the face of danger. Also, you’ll achieve your goals and watch yourself make progress over time.

When you believe in yourself, you will stop questioning your choices and stop doubting the decisions you make. As a result, it will be much easier to start over – because you will trust yourself with that next move you’re about to make.


4) It teaches you to be kind to yourself

Being well rounded in BJJ means training both in the gi and no-gi.

As much as we hate to admit it, we sometimes seek solace in things that cause damage to our bodies – be it alcohol, cigarettes, or comfort food. Unfortunately, sometimes this becomes a habit, and we end up neglecting our health, whether we intend to or not.

If you consistently train martial arts, you will take better care of yourself by making better lifestyle choices such as fueling up on nutritious food and getting enough rest every night. What’s more, you will be less likely to take a few steps back by making unhealthy decisions after making progress at the gym.


5) It shapes you to become a more optimistic person

The knee can be one of the most powerful Muay Thai weapons.

Sometimes, all it takes is a change in perspective. If you think about it, going through tough times and hitting rock bottom actually helps you to appreciate the good times that much more. If you’re a pessimist, the good news is that martial arts will teach you to look on the bright side of life. After all, there will definitely be times when you have to stay positive even when things don’t go your way in the gym.

Once you’re able to see the good in every situation, there’s no doubt you will be able to seize every moment and of course, start afresh whenever you need to start over in life.


So tell us, are you ready to take control and start all over again? Go on, you’ve got this!

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