Here’s How Martial Arts Can Prepare You For Your Wedding

Planning and preparing for a wedding is a pretty big thing. It takes a huge chunk from your every day, either sitting down with your significant other to strategize and make big decisions or working out to make sure that your body is wedding-ready.

Of course, everyone wants to look amazing when they walk down the aisle. The moment the bride and groom walk into the room, all eyes are fixated on them. While it’s certainly an overwhelming thought, it’s what every couple goes through. Understandably, we all want to be at our best by the time that day comes.

Martial arts classes offer a wide range of physical and mental benefits to help you prepare for your wedding — from physically getting you ready, to mentally strengthening your mind, and helping you relieve all the stress that comes with it.

If you’re here reading this, chances are, you’re probably going to get married soon and are looking for ways to help you cope with this major life milestone. We’ve come up with a few reasons why you should consider taking up martial arts.

Today, Evolve Daily shares five ways martial arts training can help you prepare for your big day.

1) Guaranteed to get your body wedding-ready

su wee _wedding muay thai

Evolve MMA student Su Wee Tan used martial arts to get into the best shape of her life for her wedding.

The first and most important thing for many people when thinking of their wedding is getting their bodies wedding-ready. This means losing excess weight, building and toning muscles to fit into a dress or a suit, and looking your absolute best on your wedding day.

There is no better workout or health and fitness program that achieves this faster and more effectively than martial arts training. Martial arts training is intense and engaging and will help you lose fat fast. Just a couple of weeks is all you need to kickstart your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

This is extremely important for those who are working with tight schedules, especially when preparing physically for a wedding.

Wedding training is not unlike the kind of training well-conditioned athletes undergo. It usually requires at least eight weeks to see significant results. Martial arts will help you maximize every minute of training and make each workout count.


2) It gives you added energy to complete tasks


BJJ World Champion Bruno Pucci and ONE Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee train together every day.

Wedding planning can take so much out of both of you. It’s really taxing not just mentally, but also physically. At points, you’ll find yourselves struggling to get up to do the necessary work in order to move things forward. That’s why a lot of couples tend to procrastinate and put off their wedding planning until the very last minute, which is obviously not good in the grand scheme of things.

Because martial arts training is so physically engaging, it will help boost your immune system, increase the release of endorphins, and help give you a jolt of energy that you’ve never experienced before.

Training in martial arts rejuvenates the mind and body. It will give you both the added energy you need to complete the most difficult of tasks. After each training session, you’ll feel great and ready to focus on the tasks at hand.


3) It gives you that supreme confidence

Angela Lee FES

ONE Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee training hard at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

The mere thought of standing up in front of hundreds of friends and family, all dressed up and looking proper, it’s a scary thing. Everyone wants to look great on their wedding day. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But some people lack the self-confidence they need to make that final walk down the aisle.

One of the most important benefits of martial arts training is giving practitioners supreme self-confidence. Confidence is the key to looking absolutely fantastic and will show with every step you take, or every word you say.

Having your self-confidence at an all-time high on your big day is invaluable. More than just simply looking good, confidence makes you feel good too. Martial arts training will help you become more confident in yourself, not just for your wedding, but also forever after.


4) Training with your partner will bring you closer

Couples-Exercise Angela Lee Bruno Pucci

BJJ World Champion Bruno Pucci and ONE Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee share the same passion for martial arts.

Some couples like to go on pre-wedding retreats to talk about their relationship and bring themselves closer to each other. Martial arts training achieves the same thing and more. In fact, training with your partner will bring you closer than ever before.

There are loads of advantages in training with your significant other. Building a stronger bond is one of them, improving teamwork and communication is another. During martial arts training, you’ll constantly be performing drills with your significant other. Along the way, you’ll both make mistakes and learn. The important thing is that you grow together.

Martial arts training is most fun when done with people you love. Training with your soon-to-be husband or wife will both give you amazing memories and experiences to take into your new life together.


5) It will help you relieve wedding stress

Angela Lee Training

ONE Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee trains hard at the Evolve Fighters Program.

There are loads of different elements to planning a wedding that will stress you out. Researching and booking different wedding suppliers like photo and video, food and beverage, lights and sounds, and even just deciding on a theme, for example, are all tough tasks. Figuring all this out and trying to make it fit a specific budget introduces a lot of stress into a couple’s lives.

Fortunately, martial arts classes help relieve stress and give couples a mental and physical outlet to let off some steam.

Martial arts is fun and enjoyable, which in and of itself is a great way to de-stress. But it’s also an intense workout that increases the release of happy hormones like endorphins, the cellular makeup that leaves you feeling great after exerting yourself.

Deal with stress the right way and prevent it from building up and ruining the fun of wedding planning. You and your significant other will both thank each other for trying out martial arts in the long run.

So if you’re looking to get into your best shape for your wedding, physically and mentally, give martial arts a try!

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