Here’s Why Rafael Dos Anjos Will Come Back Stronger On November 5

UFC Superstar Rafael Dos Anjos might have lost his belt, but he hasn’t lost his fighting spirit. On November 5, he would face Tony Ferguson in the headline event in Mexico City. And we’re sure he’s going to put up yet another good fight, because he would definitely be able to bounce back from his previous loss against Eddie Alvarez.

Are you excited to catch RDA back in action? We certainly are! Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 Reasons Why Rafael Dos Anjos Will Come Back Stronger On November 5:

1) Because he has an unbreakable warrior spirit

One of the greatest things about Rafael Dos Anjos is his unbreakable warrior spirit, and the fact that he presses on in the face of adversity. Despite going through a lot of tough times in life as well as in the cage, RDA always fought through and conquered adversity. Well, there’s a reason why he has achieved success as an MMA fighter – he never backs down from a challenge, and more importantly, he never gives up when things don’t go his way.

In 2010, Dos Anjos got a broken jaw from his fight against Clay Guida. However, he didn’t let that stop him from fighting again. Instead, he fixed his jaw with titanium plates and turned his injury into one of his strengths. Apart form that, Dos Anjos took the UFC Lightweight World Champion title from former champion Anthony Pettis – while battling a knee injury. Again, he refused to let his injury get in the way of his success and as a result, was able to keep his emotions in check and put up a good fight.


2) Because he’s determined to get his belt back

UFC Lightweight World Champion Rafael Dos Anjos practices his Muay Thai with multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Petchboonchu FA Group.

UFC Superstar Rafael Dos Anjos practices his Muay Thai at the Evolve Fighters Program.

According to an interview, RDA stated that his goal is to get his belt back. He also mentioned that he has changed his training routine as he’s no longer with Kings MMA. At this point, Dos Anjos is putting together his own team in California.

“I’m training with Philipe Della Monica, Eduardo Pachu, Beneil Dariush, Edwin Najmi, Arthur Estrazulas, Rodel Mayol. I’m representing Evolve MMA and myself, Team RDA,” he shares.


3) Because he has been training hard

Despite RDA’s change of training routine, we’re confident that he would do whatever it takes to maximize his performance in the cage. After all, Dos Anjos works extremely hard to stay on top of his game. When he first started fighting, RDA was just a BJJ Black Belt with a strong ground game. But after countless hours of training and drilling, Dos Anjos developed his striking and it is now as solid as his grappling. What’s more, he also works on his strength and conditioning, which explains his explosive strikes as well as good cardio.


4) Because he never lets failure stop him

UFC Lightweight World Champion and BJJ World Champion Rafael Dos Anjos works on strengthening his core after a training session with the Evolve Fight Team.

UFC Superstar Rafael Dos Anjos works on strengthening his core after a training session with the Evolve Fight Team.

Dos Anjos’ MMA career started off on a rocky note, with him losing his debut and his first two UFC fights. However, he pressed on and continued to pursue his dream of being an MMA fighter, and that’s how he got to where he is today. Because he never lets setbacks break his spirit, he is able to move on from failure to better things, and this is why he will always be a champion.


5) Because he keeps moving forward

UFC Lightweight World Champion Rafael Dos Anjos is one of Brazil's top lightweight fighters.

UFC Superstar Rafael Dos Anjos is one of Brazil’s top lightweight fighters.

As we mentioned in #4, Dos Anjos doesn’t let failure define him, and that’s exactly why he is able to keep moving forward and going after his dreams. Winning the fight on November 5 would definitely take him closer to his goal of getting his belt back, so there’s no doubt that he’s going to charge forward and do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.


So tell us, are you convinced that Rafael Dos Anjos is going to come back stronger on November 5?

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