Rafael Dos Anjos’ And Shinya Aoki’s Winning Techniques: Revealed! (Gallery)

Last weekend, the Evolve MMA students were given the exclusive opportunity to learn from two of MMA’s most dangerous lightweights, UFC Lightweight World Champion Rafael Dos Anjos and ONE Lightweight World Champion Shinya Aoki in a special joint seminar at Evolve Orchard Central.

Both Dos Anjos and Aoki covered an extensive array of topics, from No Gi grappling to MMA as well as striking for MMA. The seminar was divided into two sessions:

In the first session, Special Combinations for MMA and No Gi Grappling by Rafael Dos Anjos, students were treated to a breakdown of Dos Anjos’ special MMA techniques, including his favorite set ups for takedowns. He also taught the different ways to execute effective ground and pound from the guard position as well as several armbar variations from the guard.

The second session, No Gi Grappling and Signature Submissions by Shinya Aoki , Aoki showed the details behind his signature twister submission and two different variations. He finished the series off with a sneaky transition to the calf slicer submission. He also taught his signature rear naked choke and various neck cranks.

To conclude the seminar, a Q&A session with the two world champions took place. Each participant was given the opportunity to ask any question they desired, whether it be about techniques or about their success in martial arts as a whole. Of course, the Q&A session was followed by a photo and autograph session with the superstars.

There’s no doubt that the students truly enjoyed their seminar, taking home valuable life lessons and special techniques to improve their MMA and No Gi grappling skills. ‘Till the next one!


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