Suffering From Monday Blues? Here’s Why You Should Train Martial Arts

We know all too well the feeling of dreading Monday once the weekend draws to a close. Unfortunately, we sometimes let these negative feelings affect our productivity and performance – be it at work or school. As a result, we end up feeling horrible and letting the Monday blues affect us, week after week. If you’ve ever felt like you can never kick those Monday blues away, fret not, we have a solution for you: train martial arts.

If you think about it, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate and enjoy your weekends the way you do – if not for Mondays. And the good thing is that you can actually get rid of those Monday blues, by kick-starting the week with an intense martial arts session! Curious? Then read on to discover 5 Ways Martial Arts Keeps Monday Blues At Bay:

1) It starts your week on a good note

ONE Superstar Benedict Ang prepares for his upcoming fight at the Evolve Fighters Program.

What better way is there to begin the week than by clocking in a productive workout? Apart from burning some calories, you would also be able to forget about your Monday blues – during that hour of training, at least – because your main focus would be the techniques you’re learning in class!

“For me, training generally makes any day better,” shares ONE Superstar Benedict Ang. “So when I train on a Monday, it definitely makes me feel like my week is off to a good start.”

Psst! Did you know that working out on a Monday also motivates you to keep the ball rolling for the rest of the week? Hence, you would be more likely to keep active for the rest of the week.


2) It boosts your body’s endorphin production

The Warrior Fit class at Evolve MMA builds both your strength and endurance.

If you struggle to smile on Mondays, then it’s time to change that by training martial arts first thing in the week! It’s no secret that exercising enables your body to release endorphins, which trigger positive feelings. Hence, you would leave the gym feeling much happier than when you entered.

For those who have extra difficulty coping with Monday blues, we suggest starting Monday by working out first thing in the morning. By doing so, you’re not only starting your week, but also your day, with good vibes!


3) It plays a part in keeping anxious thoughts away

Sparring is a great way to take your training to the next level.

Is Monday the most stressful day of the week for you? If you usually find yourself dreading the pile of work that’s waiting for you, know that you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to find it challenging to get back on track after taking a break over the weekend.

Studies suggest that high intensity exercise can reduce general anxiety. So before you panic about your never ending to-do list, keep calm and hit the gym!


4) It shows you that you’re capable of pushing your limits

BJJ Champion Eduardo Novaes at the Evolve MMA Fighters Program.

Conquering challenges might not be the first thing that you want to do when Monday rolls around. But here’s the thing: doing something that challenges you (like waking up and attending that 6:30 a.m. Muay Thai class) can actually make it easier for you to handle everything else later in the day. After all, you’ve already conquered that first challenge and pushed those limits!

“It’s tough to train on a Monday, but doing so makes me feel like I’m starting my week properly, on a healthy note,” says BJJ Champion Eduardo Novaes. “Although it can sometimes be difficult to do so, there’s nothing more satisfying than powering through a training session first thing in the week. Whenever I do so, I always feel like I’m ready to take on the rest of the week!”


5) It keeps you inspired to constantly outperform yourself

With so many different techniques to grasp, there’s never a dull moment in BJJ class.

Whenever you break personal records or outdo yourself in the gym, there’s no doubt that you would feel like you’re on top of the world. Hence, your self-confidence would grow – and the best part is that you would trust yourself with the decisions you make.

When you start your week feeling like this, there’s no doubt that you would strive to achieve more and constantly do better. Instead of feeling defeated by the intimidating tasks that lie ahead, you would be inspired to take charge and do whatever you can to be productive.


You definitely can’t prevent Monday from coming after every weekend. But you have the power to keep those Monday blues under control! So tell us, are you ready to kick those Monday blues in the ass and start every week on an awesome note?

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