WATCH: Bring Your Opponent To The Ground Every Time With These Muay Thai Sweeps (Videos)

In Muay Thai, the sweep is a game changer because it can effectively off-balance your opponent, not to mention mess up his/her rhythm – and score you some points in the process. Once you nail down the technique and execute it with perfect timing, you’ll be able to slam your opponent to the canvas in a matter of seconds. Yes, even if he/she is heavier or larger than you. To successfully sweep your opponent, you not only require good arm position and great timing, but also to set it up properly.

Ready to add the sweep to your Muay Thai arsenal? Today, Evolve Daily shares Essential Muay Thai Sweeps That Will Bring Your Opponent To The Ground Every Time:

1) 5 Essential Sweeps From The Muay Thai Clinch

Apart from enabling you to land some slashing elbows and brutal knees, the clinch also gives you opportunities to take your opponent down by sweeping. This is because a powerful clinch locks your opponent in close range, hence, requiring more effort to gain inside control. If you manage to gain control, you’ll have the upper hand – and there will be openings for you to sweep him/her.

In this video, multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Penek Sitnumnoi demonstrates 5 essential sweeps from the clinch. If you watch closely, you’ll notice that he’s the one in a dominant position throughout the combinations because he has established a good grip on his opponent. Also, he remains balanced in the clinch by keeping his hips square to his opponent’s. By staying in control and balanced while clinching, Penek can then successfully sweep his opponent.

Tip: For better control in the clinch, stand in a neutral stance, keep your posture upright and get on the balls of your feet. Also, clinch the crown of your opponent’s head, place your face beside his/her face and put your weight on your opponent by using your forearm.


2) 3 Saenchai Muay Thai Sweep Combinations

Saenchai PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym is one of the greatest fighters in the Muay Thai world. He is known for using the sweep against his bigger, heavier opponents. As the sweep is unpredictable, Saenchai is able to get them on the ground – thanks to his quick reflexes and deep technical knowledge.

In this video, Saenchai shows 3 sweep combinations that you can use when sparring or in the ring, to throw your opponent off-balance every time. When it comes to the sweep, perfect timing and technique are required in order for smooth execution. In his first technique, Saenchai prevents a body kick by utilizing the sweep. As for the second sweep, he switches grips so as to get closer to his taller opponent and gain leverage so he can sweep more easily. Saenchai counters his opponent’s body kicks with his third sweep, which is used to destabilize his opponent by kicking through his standing leg.

Tip: By anticipating your opponent’s next move, you’d be able to plan ahead and set up your sweep according to the situation. Like with all other techniques, you have to drill until your technique is on point. We suggest practicing the sweep with a partner so as to have a better understanding of timing and distance. If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor for guidance!


Now that you’ve watched these videos and made it to the end of the article, it’s time to take your Muay Thai to the next level. Now go forth and train hard!

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