WATCH: Pornsanae Sitmonchai’s Essential Leg Kick Combinations (Videos)

When executed perfectly with the right timing and accuracy, the leg kick can be lethal as it has the ability to cause significant damage to your opponent. If you’ve watched multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Pornsanae Sitmonchai in the ring, you’ll notice that the leg kick is his signature move and that he knows how to utilize it effectively.

Want to take your leg kicks to the next level? Then watch the following videos closely. Today, Evolve Daily shares Pornsanae Sitmonchai’s Essential Leg Kick Combinations:

1) Pornsanae Sitmonchai’s 5 Essential Leg Kick Setups

It is important to set up your leg kicks properly, so that your opponent would be less likely to check your kicks. What’s more, if you set up your leg kicks well, your opponent would have a much harder time trying to guess your next move. As a result, your kicks would have a higher chance of landing at your target and causing great damage to your opponent.

In this video, multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Pornsanae Sitmonchai demonstrates 5 essential leg kick setups that you can utilize when sparring or in the ring. If you watch closely, all these setups start off differently, and Pornsanae makes use of various strikes to set up his leg kick.

Tip: While these leg kick setups are a good starting point, don’t be afraid to be adventurous and try different combinations to set up your leg kick. Of course, it’ll take you some time to find out which ones work better than the rest, as you experiment during your training sessions.


2) Pornsanae Sitmonchai’s 8 Low Leg Kick Combinations

As with every other technique, practice makes perfect. That’s why it’s crucial for you to make drilling a habit. Think about it: all you need is just a bit of time (10 minutes!) before or after class to drill a certain technique over and over again, to gain a deeper understanding and of course, make progress. When you drill regularly and consistently, you’ll definitely see yourself improving over time.

In this video, multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Pornsanae Sitmonchai shows 8 low leg kick combinations that you can drill on the heavy bags or with a partner. If you observe him as he throws his low kicks, you’ll notice that he transfers his weight and creates forward momentum effectively by stepping in at a 45-degree angle, and as a result, is able to execute explosive leg kicks. This is the right way to do it, so make sure you’re drilling with the correct technique! If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to approach your instructor for guidance.

Tip: Besides stepping in at a 45-degree angle, make sure you’re angling your kick downwards so that the higher part of your shin comes into contact with your target. This is because the higher part of your shin is denser, and hence, can generate more force as compared to the lower part of your shin.


3) Fight Breakdown: Muay Thai Leg Kick KO

Now that you’ve seen the various combinations for the leg kick, here’s a video that shows you what it looks like when executed flawlessly in an actual fight – Wanchana Or. Boonchuay VS The-Lek Wor. Sangpraphai. The fighters clinch and attempt to get into a dominant position, before throwing simultaneous right elbows. After that, Wanchana moves forward, slips The-Lek’s cross, and then throws a hard right kick and knocks The-Lek down. It is only with proper technique and execution that he was able to knock the leg off balance for the finish. That’s why nailing down the technique should always be your priority, before you even worry about power and speed.

Tip: Before you attempt the leg kick in sparring, be sure that your technique is on point. Drill with a partner to get a better feel of rhythm and timing, and once your technique is flawless, you can execute it when sparring or even in the ring.


There’s no doubt that the leg kick is a game changer, especially when thrown at the right time, with perfect technique. So tell us, which of these combinations are you going to master first?

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