What Makes A Good Boxing Glove

Maybe you’re thinking of taking up boxing, and that’s great. The decision to start is the first step towards bettering your health and fitness. In that case, you’re going to need some gear, and when it comes to gear for boxing, it all starts with the boxing gloves.

Just like any other sport, boxing has its own set of tools, whether for training or for competition. A lot of the gear you’ll need to purchase yourself, the rest you can find in the gym. Jump ropes, shoes, a gym bag, athletic wear, and hand wraps first come to mind. So do boxing gloves. In fact, boxing gloves are probably the most essential in terms of gear when you sign up for a boxing gym.

But for beginners, it may be hard to make a choice on which particular set of boxing gloves to buy.

With so many different types and brands to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one to purchase.

Of course, each person looks for something different in a boxing glove, and everyone has their own set of preferences. We all have different hands. We’re going to attempt to narrow down the qualities people should be looking for in a boxing glove.

Hopefully, this will help you make a purchase decision. Today, Evolve Daily shares four things that make a good boxing glove.


1) Style, Comfort, and Fit

Like a good basketball shoe, a boxing glove has to have the right combination of style, comfort, and fit. Of course, this is all relative to the purchaser.

A boxing glove must be snug and not loose, to be able to offer ample protection for the hands. The human hand consists of two large bones connected to the first two knuckles (between the index and middle fingers) that reach all the way to the wrist. The rest of the knuckles are connected to a system of smaller bones and are very fragile.

When trying on boxing gloves, try to fit it with hand wraps on, if possible. Hand Wraps, depending on your preferred style of wrapping, will take up real estate inside the glove.

At the same time, you don’t want the glove to be too tight that it will restrict blood flow in your hands and will be uncomfortable.

As each of our hands are different, you must find the right boxing glove that suits your needs. Not every boxing glove is built the same, so choose wisely.

Lastly, a bit of style won’t hurt. You’ll want a boxing glove that you can be proud to wear, and that will give you that good look of confidence. Boxing is a spectator sport, after all. Don’t settle for anything less.


2) Materials and Build Quality

boxing gloves

The materials the boxing gloves are made of are of the utmost importance.

Whether you are just starting out in boxing, or you’re a seasoned veteran, you will need at least one good pair of high-quality boxing gloves to ensure your hands are well-protected, and to bring you success in this sport. A good boxing glove is made up of the best materials, although not all are made equal.


The type of boxing gloves that are common and easily accessible to most of us, and which are also relatively inexpensive, are ones that feature fully-synthetic construction. They are convenient and easy to clean.

They feature foam padding that offers good protection for the knuckles and better shock absorption. These gloves usually come with hook and loop closures or velcro, which is most common. This type of closure, however, loses grip over time.


Specialized or custom gloves are generally more expensive and are marketed more towards professional boxers. They sometimes feature leather construction or are combined with synthetic material for better durability.

They feature a combination between foam padding and the traditional horsehair padding, which packs more of a punch but offers less protection on the hands. As for closure, professional gloves are usually lace-on, which offers a variable fit depending on preference.


3) Determine The Gloves’ Purpose

There are different gloves for every purpose. Some gloves are built specifically for general training. Others are designed for the heavy bag. There are, of course, gloves built for sparring and competition. Deciding which pair of boxing gloves to buy is dependent on what you’ll be using them for.

For the general practitioner, training gloves are basically all around. They are great for classes, light training, light sparring, and are pretty much all-purpose.

Gloves that are designed for bag work are usually lighter and are geared towards allowing you to punch faster and more powerfully. They also aim to improve your stamina and endurance.

Sparring and competition gloves are made with durability in mind. At the same time, they offer much better wrist support. They also adhere to strict specifications in weight and size, and have firmer padding.


4) Making a Decision

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Spend time researching to find the right boxing gloves for you.

Ultimately, the kind of boxing glove you purchase is totally up to you. The general idea is to keep your hands as protected as possible during training, which can get intense as you progress through the levels.

The majority of boxing gloves out there are overpriced and do not offer good quality. It’s good to make your purchase based on the factors listed above, depending on your use-case scenario.

It may be tempting to splurge on a very expensive pair of boxing gloves if you have the money. Just know that sometimes, you don’t get what you pay for. At the opposite end of the spectrum, you may not want to go for the cheapest pair, because the build quality of materials used may not be of good quality.

For best practice, test the gloves first and feel the comfort and fit with your hand wraps on, if possible.

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