5 Defining Qualities Of A Great Training Partner

The more time we spend on the mats, in the cage or in the ring, the more close-knit our relationships with our training partners become. After all, there’s always time before and after training to chit-chat and sometimes even during training (when your instructor isn’t looking of course).

The camaraderie formed through martial arts no doubt enhances your experience, especially because of your training partner. He or she helps make that grueling training session more bearable, encouraging you to come to class the next day.

Thus, there’s no doubt that being a great training partner could make or break someone’s training experience. Curious to know how you can be a better training partner? Here’s Evolve Daily’s list of 5 Defining Qualities Of A Great Training Partner:


1) They want you to be better.


Although practicing martial arts is fun, it can also be challenging. With each class, you push yourself to limits you never imagined possible. If you haven’t trained martial arts long, this feeling might feel new and overwhelming. When you see your partner faltering during training, whether it’s during repetitions on the bag or guard passing drills, encourage them to keep on going. Whether it’s through words of encouragement or praise, it will definitely make all the difference!


2) They know when to have fun.


One of the reasons people look forward to training is because it makes them happy. Everyone loves a good laugh every now and then, especially during training. It can get serious and intense, so why not lighten up the mood once in awhile. Of course, knowing the appropriate time to do so is important. Know when your partner is having a difficult time understanding a technique or trying to listen to your instructor. Above all, never speak while the instructor is speaking – it’s very disrespectful.


3) They are patient.


Learning and practicing martial arts doesn’t come naturally to everybody. Everyone has different learning curves, especially if they’re naturally athletic or have never worked out in their lives. By understanding this, you become more patient with your partners, especially the ones who have just started doing martial arts. Remember, once upon a time, you were a beginner too!


4) They always smell nice.


Whether it’s a freshly washed gi, keeping your nails short, removing your makeup or choosing to shower before training, showing that you care about personal hygiene is a great trait to have as a training partner. As trivial as it may sound, it’s true – by choosing to be hygienic, you are showing your partner that you are considerate enough to be clean for him or her.


5) They are focused.


There’s no doubt that having a training partner who is focused is probably the best influence anyone could ever have in their martial arts journey. Showing your partner how committed you are will make them feel challenged and determined to set their goals higher with each training session. This will also make martial arts more enjoyable, especially since there are targets to be met. Not only will this benefit your partner, it will also benefit you in the long run.


No matter what our goals are, there are always people who are on the same path as we are, with the same fundamental skills that we continue to hone throughout the years. Becoming better training partners to those who can relate to all the hard work and effort we’ve put in will undoubtedly make us all better martial arts practitioners in the end. So what are you waiting for? Be a better training partner today!

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