5 Reasons Why Martial Arts Succeeds Where Other Workouts Fail

We all work out, or at least we try to. Getting our physical exercise in every day is important because, in a time riddled with ailments like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, we have to prioritize our health and wellness over everything else.

So we go to the gym, we hit the road for a run, we do our cardio, and we lift our weights. But is that all really enough? What if there was a better way? What if there is a superior fitness program that ensures we give consistent effort every single time while maximizing energy and calorie expenditure, all while teaching us how to defend ourselves in the process?

Enter martial arts, a full-body workout designed to keep you active in a consistent manner, providing you a fun and engaging environment to hone your self-defense skills and teach you values that permeate your daily life.

Martial arts also has many benefits that extend far beyond the physical. There is added value in that. It is a holistic approach to health and wellness that combines daily enhancement of the mind, body, and spirit.

Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 reasons why martial arts succeeds where other fitness programs fail.

1) Workouts only work if you are consistent with them

While it is definitely important to remain as active as we can, fitness programs are only effective if we are consistent with them. How often do we start a fitness program, only to fall off the tracks after just a couple of days? It happens a lot.

There are many factors why we lose focus on our workouts. Factors include boredom due to constant repetition, burnout, or sometimes just plain laziness. Whatever the reasons, the bottom line is if we aren’t able to stick to a fitness program, then it surely won’t be effective.

Because martial arts is addicting, and ultimately an enjoyable and dynamic experience, you’ll be hooked instantly as soon as you start training. No two training sessions are exactly alike. On some days you’ll be working on enhancing your leg kicks and knees in Muay Thai, while on others you will be practicing your punch combinations. Every day is different, and every martial art is unique.

The breadth of available martial arts training is diverse, and there is so much ground to cover that there really isn’t much repetition in martial arts. Martial arts will keep you enthralled in its allure, and you’ll soon realize that practicing martial arts is more of a lifestyle than just a simple workout.


2) It’s an educational experience where you are learning something new

Ka Yeong Boxing

Martial arts acts as a fitness program that both gets you in shape and helps you pick up practical skills.

One of the biggest reasons why martial arts is so addicting is because, aside from it being an intense physical ordeal, it is also an educational experience. Those who train in martial arts are aptly referred to as students or practitioners, because martial arts is a science in every sense of the word.

In martial arts, we learn how to defend ourselves, which is a very important and tangible skill to have. Knowing how to protect ourselves physically including those around us is invaluable. If a situation calls for it, there is a great sense of security in knowing you can handle your opponent should the need arise.

There are loads of varied nuances and intricacies involved in martial arts training, all of which its students strive to master in each training session. As a martial artist, we are always seeking to improve ourselves even just 1% each day. That is true martial arts, and part of that means we are constantly studying various techniques.

Because we are in a state of learning while we train, martial arts programs are less like bland workouts and more like educational courses on self-defense.


3) Martial arts provides a fun and engaging environment

One of the key components of a great workout is fun. When you are having fun while working out, you are more motivated and more likely to complete your training program. Fatigue is less of a factor and you’ll have loads of energy. Fun is arguably the most important aspect of a workout because it will keep you hooked and coming back for more.

Ask any martial arts practitioner, and they will tell you that martial arts is the most fun you will ever have in a workout.

There is no fitness program more enjoyable than kicking the pads in Muay Thai or practicing your punch combinations in boxing. Not only is it a lot of fun though, it’s also a great stress-reliever. Martial arts constantly provides practitioners with a fun and engaging environment.

That’s why it’s so much easier to stick to than your normal, mundane, repetitive fitness program. No matter which martial art you choose to practice, one thing is for certain — it will definitely be a terrific experience.


4) It will keep you disciplined

Martial arts instills in us unwavering discipline and self-control. To be successful in life, we must be disciplined. The same goes for our fitness program. Sticking to our diet and fitness program is tough, but in order to achieve our health and fitness goals, we have to remain disciplined and determined.

Discipline is one of the biggest teachings of martial arts. It is vital to everything around us. It brings structure and stability to our lives. Without it, everything would be in complete chaos. In the martial arts gym, we maintain discipline by listening to our elders, practitioners, and instructors who have more experience and can impart with us the knowledge that we need to continue on our path to greatness.

The most successful people in life exhibit discipline on a daily basis. Without discipline, we are not able to maximize the full benefits of martial arts.


5) You’ll have awesome training partners and gym mates

BJJ Girls

Martial arts is a social activity. The friendships you make are priceless.

Last but certainly not the least, a big reason why martial arts is superior to any other fitness program is because of the people you train with. Somewhere along your martial arts journey, you will meet like-minded people who will share with you a passion for training and learning your martial arts discipline.

You’ll train together, learn and grow together, and as a result, build lasting friendships with each other. There is an overwhelming sense of loyalty within a martial arts gym, and it is one of martial arts’ most important aspects.

Martial arts is a group activity, and you will make many new best friends and build strong relationships. Training and having fun together with friends is ultimately what makes martial arts such an enjoyable experience.

These new friends will serve as your comrades in achieving your fitness and health goals. They’ll push you harder and believe in you when you doubt yourself and motivate you to shatter your own disbelief. They’ll pick you up when you’re down, and raise you up when you need a lift in spirit. No more standing in the corner of a gym lifting weights on your own!

So, if you’re serious about getting healthier and need a fitness program that will actually work this time, give martial arts a try!

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